101% in 4h 06m 30s by NokiDokiNokiDoki - 1st place

that one CS2 orb tho

No audio because of a software issue, idk if it’s still valid proof?

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Submitted by NokiDokiNokiDoki on

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Name Duration Finished at
Westside Hotel 9m 22s 000ms 9m 22s
Construction Site 1 7m 18s 000ms 16m 40s
Breezy Valley 1 2m 51s 000ms 19m 32s
Matrix 2m 22s 000ms 21m 54s
Distillery - -
Fish Cannery - -
Emerald Isle 1 29m 52s 000ms 51m 46s
Brewery 7m 45s 000ms 59m 31s
Construction Site 2 7m 59s 000ms 1h 07m 31s
Transit System 13m 05s 000ms 1h 20m 36s
Hive Queen 1 - -
Strip Mine 2 - -
Hive Queen 2 13m 52s 000ms 1h 34m 28s
Strip Mine 1 8m 36s 000ms 1h 43m 05s
Lumber Mill 15m 15s 000ms 1h 58m 20s
Emerald Isle 2 4m 25s 000ms 2h 02m 45s
Breezy Valley 2 3m 33s 000ms 2h 06m 19s
Nap Time 47m 30s 000ms 2h 53m 50s
Chase 1m 29s 000ms 2h 55m 20s
Tanker 1 10m 25s 000ms 3h 05m 45s
Tanker 2 5m 08s 000ms 3h 10m 53s
Baron's Palace 12m 44s 000ms 3h 23m 38s
Prison 16m 20s 000ms 3h 39m 58s
Final Boss 26m 32s 000ms 4h 06m 30s
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