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I understand that it is your job as speed boys to make this event as profitable as possible, but singling out World of Warcraft: Legion just because it doesn't fit with your White Male world view honestly SICKENS me. I mean, how could you simply deny the game without giving a valid, open criticism of the game, and just saying "This is too long."? Like ok just because you can't pay attention for that long means my culture isn't acceptable in your event? Gross. Stop this systematic oppression of one culture because you can't open your minds up to what is, and isn't, a speed game.

Also I've already contacted my local authorities, and they will be looking in to hate crimes against the greater speed run (THERE IS A SPACE) community.

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Your run ain't even rejected yet we ain't even cut nufn smh.

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I mean, your run is set to take an estimated 640 hours, which is btw almost 27 days, sooooo I don't believe it would get picked for a 7 day long event, and honestly, the run is so long that I doubt anyone could accomplish that sort of a run in one sitting. I assume you wanted to make a "joke" about it, but in all honesty, not very funny.


My lawyer is Phoenix Wright come at me bro

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Assuming my runs are a "joke". Obviously not very dedicated to the true speed community. Just because you don't like something doesn't make it not a speed run. Not very funny response.

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speedcommunity is one word. thank god they aren't accepting this clown's runs

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Speed Commun Ity is three words and you fucking know it. I understand you are trying to "troll" me for the "lol"s, but it's not going to work. WoW Speed Runs will be taken seriously.

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I will take it seriously


Could smell this bad meme a mile away when you started with "as profitable as possible"


Could smell your bad attitude a mile away when you start with "Could smell this bad meme". Try a little harder next time, jabrony

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