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Hey @AquaBlake, currently the rules would seem to allow for some pretty extensive settings changes in D:NW.

For example, with rounds set to 1 and Damage set to Max, you avoid the 2nd round AI algorithm upgrade and can easily take advantage of the extra damage to:
1) Abuse attack priority and trick the AI into either killing itself on your attacks;
2) Or getting locked into a corner and not changing its algorithm in time to escape or defend.

While it makes for some interesting strategy and is certainly a lot shorter than a probably average run of 15-20 minutes (in my estimation), it might not be particularly fun to watch. Then again, comparatively, D:NW, isn't particularly flashy or fun to watch to begin with.

Here's a test video of what I mean:

There is one other novel property about the game as well that's built into the Arcade versions and PS1 port. Like Street Fighter II, you can have a second player interrupt an arcade match any time after you select a character, and if the player is defeated with a character you haven't yet faced, that character is eliminated from the list you have to face to get to Hutzil/Phobos and Pyron. This allows for a likely 8 to 10 minute run or lower, but it's pretty boring to watch.

Here's the video of what I'm talking about:

What are your feelings on these?

I personally think both of these are a bit cheap and uninteresting for a run, and shouldn't be allowed. You could make the case for the damage settings actually causing time loss in the later fights by making it easier for the bosses and some characters with very good AI (like Morrigan and Lord Raptor) to combo you into oblivion before you can get a move in edgewise.

That said, the AI in this one cheats rather extensively. Even on level 4, it uses frame perfect priority counters and executes specials without inputs for them (this actually leads to some moves being done under normally impossible circumstances on occasion).

Personally I think the difficulty should stay where it is though. While 4 is much more challenging than any other difficulty setting in the series, it makes for a very exciting watch and forces defensive play against a few of the characters, something not seen in any of the other games in the series.

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i think the rules will stay the same i do agree this game is very difficult like for example fighting against raptor or pyron can be frustrating, pyron i just play defensive and spam my bullshit felicia combos or cat spike since it has range and good damage idk this game can be cheesy but even when you play cheesy its still a challenge, i like this game ive thought about running it but i havent gotten around to timing myself i have beaten this game.

but yeah these sound like they could be miscellaneous category's if you want i could make them but ive no intention on running these.

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Just making sure I understand, the 2 player weirdness and single round settings/damage settings are legal?
Only the difficulty and time settings are required?


Well no darkstalkers games all share the same default rules

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Gotcha, cool! That's what I'd prefer! Sorry if I was unclear!


Hey @AquaBlake, I noticed that the PS1 section doesn't have a spot for PS2 under console and in the rules it says PS1 only.

Not sure if this means that PS2 is not allowed for some reason, or if PS2 is just not in there by accident.