Basic Speed Run Info / Techniques.

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Resources for you to get started:

English Game FAQs with move lists for those who are unfamiliar with each character.

Japanese blog with technical details by DDsas (top vampire player):

Japanese Frame Data website:

Japanese Gamest video covering how to play the game / beat the AI in detail for each character:

- Important things to keep in mind while playing -

Chain Hits:
Chain hits in this game actually require a specific timing, the buffer window is very small. With a bit of practice they become a lot easier, but you will still find yourself missing them time to time no matter the "turbo" level you choose. I suggest treating them like links and training vs the 2p.

Chains are technically the fastest / most reliable way to do damage. For example Demitri Jump HK => L M H kick chain does around 40% life and only takes 2.5 reps to kill any CPU.

Super Meter:
Once you have super, you deal 1.25 damage. So it can be quite beneficial to build meter and not use it if your specific loop / setup is reliable.

One of the hardest bosses I've ever seen, keep in mind many of the cpu tricks aren't reliable vs him and you should at least checkout the Gamest video I have linked for a few neat ideas.

Anti CPU specific stuff:

Gallon (John): after knock down can be jumped over and he'll always try to do a standing HP facing the wrong way. Easy to kill if your timing is good.

Sasquatch: At a certain range you can abuse your far standing normals against him, he'll continue to walk into them over and over.

Morrigan: at a certain distance (Sweep range) after she blocks an attack you can press a button and she will try to fireball you every time, you can repeat this strategy until she is dead.

Some of the cpu's can be forced to walked into the corner at the start of the round. Just walk towards them.

Keep in mind the characters with reversal anti-airs are going to be a big pain to figure out during your run.
Gallon (John), Morrigan, Demitri, Pyron etc.

That's basically it so far, hopefully someone finds this helpful.