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3 months ago
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Hey i was wondering whats with the BKH Tool Gadgetlemage. i heard that its in discussion to be legit, or that there will be a new category idk. if anyone knows the latest point on that pls tell me im very interested.

Massachusetts, USA

We're currently discussing its implementation on the leaderboard. Please be patient and know that it's in the works.


Please make it so that the dropmod runs are not shown as WR if the time is slower than regular WR.

Notifications are messed up when WR is announced that is slower than current nodropmod WR.

For less clutter maybe just combine the leaderboards and mark the "dropmod" in the route bracket.

Dropmod is tool-assisted speedrunning, so it should always be faster than regular speedrunning or not posted at all.

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The boards are split. We will never combine dropmod and no dropmod boards into one, because as you said, thats kinda dumb.

The "legit" runs thus have their own time. You will still get notifications for dropmod WRs though, because I don't think there is a possibility to turn that off. That does not mean that the no dropmod WR is not WR anymore though. There are just two separate WRs and for the upcoming weeks it may be that dropmod WRs are slower as people start running dropmod for the "free rekkie". Itll die down soon enough when you actually have to put effort into getting dropmod WR.


Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll just unfollow for a year and see how the notifications look then.

Could somebody please explain what are some of the most interesting/important drops in speedrunning the game and what to expect from the dropmod runs?

It would be interesting to see some challenge mods that make the game harder also. Like, there was this mod that doubles or triples each enemy in the game. What is the highest enemy multiplier that has been completed? I wonder how far you could push it with the enemy multiplier and still finish the game.

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Gadgetlemage Runs Are Now Officially Allowed on the Dropmod Leaderboards

The community vote on whether to allow Gadgetlemage on the dropmod leaderboards has been concluded.

We have counted 33 valid votes. The results are as follows:

17 votes in favor of allowing Gadgetlemage

16 votes in favor of disallowing Gadgetlemage

Therefore the use of both Soulsplitter Dropmod

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