New Meme category: Equal Leveling
4 months ago

Hey I'm new to this community and I do a lot of more casual bingo speedruns and meme runs with friends and I came up with a new speedrun category recently that I tested with my friends.

The rules we run were All Bosses Glitchless but in addition to that there were two main rules

  1. you must start as deprived (due to equal stat distribution)

  2. If you level a stat you must be able to level every other stat at the same time, eg: 1 level in strength turns into 1 level of every stat

At first this felt more like a challenge run and I guess in part it still is but what interested me was all the different routing options due to the restrictions on stats

Now I'm not a great speedrunner in any sense as I just do runs casually but I was curious if any experienced speedrunners had an idea on what the most optimal routes would be for this category and if there is a better route than pure pyromancy that would make this differ from SL1 or even if this run could be in theory shorter than all Bosses Glitchless SL1

I appreciate any help or even better any runs anyone does on this meme category as I'd love to see them ☺️


Hello Argon, so these forums are pretty much dead, if you want to start a discussion about speedruns of the game id recommend joining the SoulsSpeedruns discord server since that's where the community is hosted.


Thanks for replying, will do ☺️

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