Can you upload a speedrun without sound ?
4 months ago

Hello everyone,

  I hope you're all doing well. I'm really new to speedrunning. I'm going to make this quick. Can you upload a speedrun without sound ? All the speedruns I have seen have sound so I was not sure if it could be accepted.

 Kind regards,


As of now you can but I'd recommend setting obs so it only records the game sound to avoid situations like these

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How can i on obs only record the game sound? i normally talk with my friends on call while playing

Thank u :)


you create new audio source but select the "capture of app audio", since my OBS is in brazillian portuguese i can't tell what exactly it's called in english.


If you're using regular OBS in english its called "Application audio capture (BETA)" if you try to add a new source.

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