Speedsouls - Crash Fix

The Crash Fix executable is a modified executable file of Dark Souls III made by B3LYP which fixes a memory leak problem in Dark Souls III occuring in speedruns causing the game to crash. Speedsouls recommends using this executable when speedrunning Dark Souls III. (external link)


Speedsouls - No Logo Mod

The No-Logo mod is a (allowed for speedrunning) modification for Dark Souls III that completely removes the intro logo screens from the game. These are the logos normally shown when first starting DS3 and after saving and quitting the game, every time. The mod was created by blcd. and works on v1.04 , v1.08 and Current Patch of Dark Souls III (external link)

By blcdblcd

SpeedSouls - Practice Tool

The Practice Tool is a general-purpose configurable practice tool for Dark Souls III intended to provide speedrunners with various features to help improve and speed up practice. Its useful for practicing skips or running through certain area's. The tool is made by johndisandonato (external link)

By johndisandonatojohndisandonato

Speedsouls - Save Organiser

The SpeedSouls - Save Organizer is a tool designed to manage savefiles for Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin and Dark Souls III. Developed by Kahmul. (external link)

By KahmulKahmul




Dark Souls III - All Bosses

Blank All bosses splits with Vilhelm skip (direct download)

By revoltedrevolted

Dark Souls III - All Bosses w/o Vilhelm Skip

Blank All Bosses splits without Vilhelm skip (direct download)

By revoltedrevolted

Dark Souls III - Any%

Blank True Any% Splits (direct download)

By revoltedrevolted

Dark Souls III - Any% No Teardrop

Blank Any% No Teardrop splits (direct download)

By revoltedrevolted


SpeedSouls - Downpatching

Downpatching the game using the Steam Console to download various depots containing previous versions of the game. (external link)

By johndisandonatojohndisandonato