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No idea if this is helpful or not, if it was it'd be in the "No IJ" category, but I've been able to use this casually and have found a couple sequence breaks with it. The Claw subweapon air charge attack allows you to jump a little extra in midair, also it allows you to change directions when you're "locked" in direction, like when you're wall-jumping.

The most direct time-save I see is in Phariseer's Tomb - you can go I (think) to floor 3, and walljump up one of the walls you're not supposed to, then use the claws to land on the platform, open the door and you're off on the top part of the whole "giant pillar" section of the dungeon. This skips getting the key from the bottom floor, using it, going up, fighting the wraiths, and climbing there.

There's another case in the prior dungeon where you use a bomb to destroy one of the lamp holders, then deathgrip it across a gap - you can simply jump across the gap, charge attack the rest of the way, grab the lamp and set it down without breaking it, but it's probably just faster to bomb it.

I've been casually looking for places where this could be helpful elsewhere, there's a couple jumps you can do that could save time but don't sequence break anything. In the very first optional dungeon there's a section where you're supposed to use voidwalker to go up a broken staircase, but you can walljump and claw charge attack to get to those chests early. Too bad it's just leveled loot!