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Thread: .nes file for pellsson rom please

Started by: HunterFlagpoleGlitchHunterFlagpoleGlitch

@threecreepiothreecreepio As long as he doesn't have a problem with that, the IPS file will remain where it is now.

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Forum: Hong Kong 97

Thread: new idea

Started by: BananaTimeBananaTime

Probably not.


Forum: Super Mario Bros. Category Extensions

Thread: Can you request a category?

Started by: Th3Re4lTh3Re4l

The "category request thread" is locked, so I guess you can write your idea here as long as it stays that way.

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Thread: XP Solitaire on Windows 10

Started by: darGdarG

Would it work? I mean, is it as fast as on Windows XP?


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Warpless Spreadsheet 2.0

Started by: RoyLTRoyLT


No, but seriously, good job!

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Forum: Super Mario Bros. Category Extensions

Thread: Help with 1-1 Fire Mario run

Started by: SimplytherunnerSimplytherunner

- here is a tutorial for the fireflower grab. It should help you.

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Forum: Transformice

Thread: A few changes

Started by: darGdarG


All times on the leaderboard have been retimed, since previous times were inaccurate.

Also the rules have been changed; from now on ALL RUNS WILL REQUIRE VIDEO EVIDENCE. Runs verified before will stay untouched.

New Discord server

Check the pinned thread from ChocolateTheGaming, it contains a link to new Transformice Discord.


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: SMB1 Rom

Started by: SuperMario64Ultimate

Then you will need to search better, because we can't provide you a SMB1 ROM, since it's illegal to distribute ROMs.

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Forum: Dragster

Thread: Can we stop talking about Tod Rodgers

Started by: Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer

Edit: I'm making this thread sticky to prevent people from making another useless threads about him in the future. Just don't do that, and if you want to know why is he even that "famous", then you can easily find videos on YT explaining what did he do.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: A word...

Started by: roopert83roopert83

Well said. The only sad thing about it is that some people still can't understand it.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Fixable Problem

Started by: DarpeyDarpey

Basically what @warpedclip and I said: add mods, that have a lot of free time and are active. That's all.

Don't know what to write about Darpey's "ban". Pellsson said some bad things and got banned, okay. But if Darpey was actually banned, then which rules did he break?


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Fixable Problem

Started by: DarpeyDarpey

Now it's getting stupid. The case of run verification time is pulled for a year now I believe or even longer. Like I said in earlier Darpey's thread - add some trustful verifiers and let them do the work. There are a lot of young people in this community that have PLENTY of free time, in which they can verify a lot of runs. It's a perfect role for them.

About pellsson's and Darpey's ban. Why? I now that pellsson was more aggressive than he probably wanted to be, but it's not a reason to ban him. A warning would do the work I believe, especially considering fact that he's a mature person, that CAN behave. Of course I'm not defending him in any way and I'm not saying that his opinion was right. But Darpey? Seriously, I mean - ok, pellsson said some bad things, but Darpey did nothing wrong IMO. Wasn't there a better way to settle this up?

I don't know what more I can say... It looks now like a child's quarrel to me. The solution is simple, but for some reason we can't put this solution into life.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: GG to mods that verify

Started by: DarpeyDarpey

There are a lot of people that are active and after some time they gained quite a lot of respect. Why don't make them verifiers? Verifier is a mod rank that only allow you to verify and reject runs. That would be a good way to determine who is competent enough to be a normal mod, it's something like a probation - you are doing good job as a mod, you stay. You don't - you are kicked.

Second thing - many people STILL don't know how to retime runs, how to spot a fake run etc. I'm not talking about mods, because they know how to do it, of course. IMO mods should work on a little "how to be a good verifier" tutorial. That would help a lot of people, even if some of them don't want to be mods.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Walljump Counter?

Started by: NickySteingraberNickySteingraber

@WolfAttacK There is a SMB1 category extension "10 Walljumps". You can figure out yourself what is the goal.

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Forum: Dragster

Thread: what emulators are allowed

Started by: taltasruntaltasrun

Yes, we accept runs done on pretty much every emulator, because they all work in the same way.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Games with IL

Started by: darGdarG

I'm looking for games that have a lot of ILs to run. Preferably 2D, but it's not a necessity.


Forum: Super Mario Bros. Category Extensions

Thread: Please verify

Started by: zdoroviy_antonyzdoroviy_antony

Be patient. That's all I can say.