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Forum: Team Fortress 2

Thread: Contacting a moderator

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

@TrickstabberTrickstabber I'd really like to do that, but moderators can't be changed unless they are 21 days offline or the oldest run is pending for 21 days.


Forum: Team Fortress 2

Thread: Contacting a moderator

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

I tried to contact Lazerlong, because I wanted to ask him if I could become a moderator in this game, but he still didn't respond. Same with biskuu and Asaaj, I added them on Discord, but no respond from them either.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Is dying authorized in Any%?

Started by: FlareaFlarea

Absolutely no, death is not banned in Any%. What is more, it's not banned in any SMB1 category. It's just so big timeloss, that many people don't want to continue a run with them.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Is It Possible To Manipulate Cointoss?

Started by: Th3Re4lTh3Re4l

1. No, it's not possible. That's why it's called "cointoss", because it's pure 50/50.

2. Your sub-pixel position is different, probably because you jumped too soon.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Active notifications

Started by: darGdarG

Currently the notifications on appear after refreshing the site, but I've seen on other sites that as soon as you get a notification, it appears straight away without refreshing the site. Would it be possible to implement this here, and if not, what would be problematic?


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: 8-4 Bowser RNG patterns

Started by: Lugia2468Lugia2468

Randomly, although if you enter the last room with Bowser everytime on the same frame, his pattern will be always the same.

In worlds 1-7, you have to play THE WHOLE LEVEL the same way to get the exact same pattern every time. This includes not slowing at all AND killing enemies the same way in the same moments.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: .nes file for pellsson rom please

Started by: HunterFlagpoleGlitchHunterFlagpoleGlitch

@threecreepiothreecreepio As long as he doesn't have a problem with that, the IPS file will remain where it is now.

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Forum: Hong Kong 97

Thread: new idea

Started by: BananaTimeBananaTime

Probably not.


Forum: Super Mario Bros. Category Extensions

Thread: Can you request a category?

Started by: Th3Re4lTh3Re4l

The "category request thread" is locked, so I guess you can write your idea here as long as it stays that way.

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Forum: Solitaire

Thread: XP Solitaire on Windows 10

Started by: darGdarG

Would it work? I mean, is it as fast as on Windows XP?


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Warpless Spreadsheet 2.0

Started by: RoyLTRoyLT


No, but seriously, good job!

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