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Hello dear admins,

I've thought about running this game but I don't wanna run the whole one, just the first Part. Would there bei a possibilty that you add it?

Thanks in advance



I mean i may not be an admin but probably not since theres only 1 run on this game for quite some time i mean only 1st chapter wouldnt be a bad idea but... Theres not a handfull pack of runners to run it to be worthwhile but idk im not a mod i just gava my oppinion


@Saramoor Hi! Yeah if you want to do a run of Episode 1 only I am happy to add a level leaderboard. Can you submit to the full game board once you have a recorded IL run and I will then add the necessary category and put it in there? Cheers.


Thanks for your reply!
I´d love running the first chapter of this awesome RPG, and once I´ve done the whole game, I´m going to get the wr.
But you mean, that I should submit to it before? Is it because of the needed runs for another category?


Hey guys. I've added individual levels along with different difficulties.


So Vanity got the wr, GG
But is it just my phone, or do you have no video? I'd like it, if AT LEAST (Like everywhere) the wr a video requires.


There is a twitch vod for the run. If you cannot see it it must be something to do with your phone settings.

Btw, great job vanity!