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Hey, I know you're not running the game anymore, just wondering if you're still active on, I'm working on a run for DAI that I'lll likely submit soon


Hey sorry, i was quite busy but i will be more active now.


That's cool, I haven't been making a ton of progress (been busy and this game takes forever to route) so it might still be a while before I finish a good run anyway


Ok no worries, i will be available to verify whenever you get around to the run


Hey I'm gonna start to do serious attempts at the run very soon, could you send me an invite to the discord? I've got some questions about the exact modalities of the run


Hey, the Discord link is dead, would y'all be able to provide another? Have a few questions about DAI speedrunning!


Any chance I can get a link to the discord. I’m not a speed runner, my husband is the one into it, but I’m a DAI glitch lover, and with Issala’s discovery I may have some glitch knowledge that might help you guys!


Nice run and great improvements. I was considering trying to run this game about a year ago but it honestly looked like a painful experience compared to now.
Considering all the people asking for a discord invite link (including me, now) maybe it'd be a good idea to have a permanent link somewhere?