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So I just finished running a Hammerdin through Hell (http://www.speedrun.com/run/kz5301ny) and I'm wondering what other characters people believe could run through Hell, what sort of plan for skills they would have, and what time estimates they believe it would take.

I know for the hammerdin one of the biggest challenges I had to consider was Wave 2 in Hell Baal due to magic immunity. In my practice run I tried holy bolt, crushing blow, Merc w/ potions, etc. None of it worked. What I actually ended up having to do was Charge/knockback each unraveller individually until they were pushed far enough outside the throne to spawn the next wave. Annoying, but effective.

Other tricky areas to consider: Maggot Lair/Arcane Sanctuary/other places you need to be able to kill most everything to get by, Flayer Jungle, chaos knights in CS, etc


Trapsin (Fireblast+Wake of Fire -> LS/DS+Fireblast)

Fire + Light dmg, Ancients Tricks, you would have to get the LI one stuck on a pillar, that took forever in my nude playthroughs

Shadow can Block
CC: Mind Blast + Cloak of Shadows
High Range

Druid (Firestorm+Fissure -> Tornado+Hurricane)

Physical Damage as main skill, basically no immunes you have to kill
Ele dmg absorb (Cyclone Armor) is a synergy to the main damage spell
High Life (Oak Sage)
Blockers (Grizzly/Oak)
CC: Hurricane

Both are fairly easy to play nude, so I guess you could kinda speedrun with them

Other chars (Barb, Ama & Nec): Barb & Ama - not worth the time
Nec: Could work, can be played very safe with bone walls / prisons which are also synergies to bonespear/spirit.
Curses and CE aswell ofc, also the slow from clay golem can be used against difficult bosses

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