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Hey y'all. As said above Im new here. In fact Im new at speedrunning at all, D2 will be my first game to ever try speedrunning.

I have a question that might trigger some people haha, but anyway:

What would happen if for example I submit a run that is completely legal regarding rules of the category, but made on a pirated copy of the game? Would that be a reason for a rejected run? The game would still be D2lod vanilla no mods no nothing, just a pirated copy.

I know I can buy the game, Im not looking for answers such as "just buy the game" or things alike. Im just curious on how the comunity would take this kind of things.

Anyway back to myself, I didn't even tried to run yet but Im in the course of studying the basics of speedrunning the game so I can start practicing as soon as possible. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for your answers. Sorry for the bad english (if any). Cheers.


Hello Sawal, and welcome! Let me start by first saying if you run into any issues (getting things set up) or trying out the runs, feel free to reach out for help. Many people, myself included, would be glad to help walk you through things that might come up.

To answer your question: We only recognize the official downloader/installer available from Battle.net (Blizzard proper), or original CDs, for Diablo 2 and it's expansion Lords of Destruction. Any other program, installer, or downloader cannot be validated as a true installation of the game, and cannot be validated as an unmodified version of the game files.

The Moderator staff for D2:LOD can not make an exception on this case. We currently employ an honor system that the runs submitted are from an unmodified installation of the game. There is no meta-data analysis or some such which can be done from a recording of a speed run. Be smart, and understand that runs submitted with the understanding that it is an unofficial installation of the base game will be denied.

Speaking as just a member of the community, I believe it's undesirable to foster pirating of this game.

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Hi Macro, thanks for the warm welcome 🙂 this seems to be a fun community to be in.

Thanks for your answer. Please don't think I come up with this just to ruin any fun to it or whatever. It was just a doubt that came up. For the record, an easy way to know the game is a pirated copy is noticing some missing sprite files in some monsters animations ingane, for example Diablo itself and Willowisps from act III. In the early years this would inmediately crash the game, but as time went by some fixes appeared, resulting in for example Diablo not showing his back while running upwards or willowisps randomly "desappearing" and reappearing because a specific sprite wont show up. Many people may already know this but if not, this might be useful information for future submitions.

Anyway thanks again for everything. If any other doubt comes arround I'll surely count on you guys. Have a nice run!

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This is a great little community.

A suggestion would be, if u haven't already, check twitch for D2 runners streaming and check if they have discords. Discord can be a great resource for asking questions. Also some runners have their info on their speedrun profile page, twitch/youtube etc.

Also theres a couple of good map reading tutorials on youtube. A lot of the maps and "tiles" are directional, for example if you're looking for an exit you know is "left" it mostly doesnt mean West, its relative to the entrance tile or other tiles. Understanding the Left, Right, Up concept helps alot when starting out.

Good Luck have fun 🙂

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he said up instead of straight FailFish 😉

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LUL my bad.


For him it's down anyways XD

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You guys are funny hahah.

Hey Daz, yes I am already checking out some streamers and videos. Im already learning the direction awareness of the maps and some concepts on how a map might be depending on some block elements. This I have learned from MrllamaSC's speedrunning tutorial series I've just finished watching. My next step would be start implementing this concepts in new games and practice. Also I will check out these different discords, haven't done that yet.

Please feel free to recommend any other run I should check out. For the moment I've only watched Mrllama's SGDQ and AGDQ runs and Indrek's 58m14s sorc any % normal.

Thanks again y'all, I will post some runs as soon as I can 🙂

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