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I will be editing this post later once I can get the video compressed and uploaded. Just wanted to say I finished my first entire playthrough of this run, not only in 2:58:30, but my first time ever completing even normal on hardcore. lol

While I'm at it, is it possible to submit the runs segmented? I have the full video, 20gb which I am compressing, but my twitch disconnects randomly. I'm guessing with that missing gap, it wouldn't work. So I have to upload.


if the gaps are under 1-2 minutes that is usually fine for us.
so you can submit your runs with those partial videos
keep in mind that this doesnt mean you can do segmented runs however - those are for speeddemoarchive 😉


My twitch disconnects as well this is why I always record my streams. Suggest you do the same in order to avoid this in the future.


two checkboxes that save lives!

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