First of all, I`m sorry for english, I`m not living in english speaking contry, I didn`t learn english at the school, and I had no practice with it.

So this is my run

It`s AMA any% norm SC 2-25. Nothing very special, but this run was rejected. This is the rules of diablo 2 speedrun:
"Must NOT use a pre-generated map
Must NOT use any modification of the game
This is a 'Real Time Attack' run: The usage of "Safe and Exit" is allowed
Timer starts on characher creation and ends when Baal dies
Must be done on softcore
Must be done on /players 1"
And this is reason, why run was rejected "please highlight your run and don't submit an entire VOD"
1) There is no rule about highlight
2) "entire VOD" was 2-33, and the run was 2-25. There is only 8 minutes of the VOD don't include the run.
3) Menu help on speedrun.com said: "My game request got rejected Probably for good reason, for more info contact one of the Full Moderators", but there is no way how to connect with them. I do not use discord, twitter. There is no mail. Yes they have a twith acc, so am I, but i think it isn`t a right way to connect with them.
So I have 2 questions:
1) If I`m not right, what rule i didn`t follow?
2) If I`m right, what should I do?
And yes, I don`t wanna make highlight 2-25 of 2-33 video, this is ridiculous.

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Run submissions need to be cut down to a bare minimum of jsut moments before the run start and just moments after, to be consistent with every other run submission and for viewers to avoid having to click to find the start.

Also, if you are not partnered, your regular stream vods actually get deleted after a month. Highlights do not get deleted

Just use the highlight feature on Twitch to shrink the run down to the required length and resubmit the run. It takes less than a minute to do

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(edited: )

1 of 4 run from the main page -
There is not a highlight, run start after 1 min 20 sec - Verified by LaV on 2019-01-28
My run started after 2 min - rejected
I know non-highlight video is gonna be delete, many runs at speedruns.com with deleted video,
All I want to know, how the rules work.
Blazer-flamewing, it`s looks like advice, how to make your video better. And yes, it`s true, I`m agree. But there is no rule about this. Next time run can be rejected, becouse 50% of sound is muted (copyright), or there is no game sound.
If i didn`t break any rule and have reject, the best way for me it`s just forget about this and play for myself, just do not subbmit runs here. It`s not a big deal. It`s just a ladder, where Teo can verifed his run by himself, but my runs rejected with a best wishes.


There are basic rules which apply for any game on this site.

1. Your sumission should be a twitch highlight, YouTube link or some other form of video that’s more permanent than a normal twitch vod.

2. You should show your whole run from a little before the run begins to a little after the run ends. There may be specifics on when to start timing the run to when to stop the timer based off the game. Each different game will have the specifics about those times in the rules. Your submission should show the whole run in one segment, not broken up into multiple parts.

Now having said that, twitch highlights or YouTube videos get deleted from time to time. Sometimes the user will delete them, sometimes they get removed from the site but the fact remains that you need to try to make the video as permanent as possible.

These rules are common sense, they aren’t stated on every different game’s rules. It’s not a mod’s job to search through a vod to find the start of your run. In the future you might have multiple attempts at a run during each session, all of the attempts except for the one you are submitting should be cut out of the submission. Each game is a community of players that follow rules that were put in place by the community at some point or another. If you don’t like the rules you can suggest a change to them but generally the community will need to agree on the rule changes and no one is going to agree that it’s ok for the videos to go away after a month. No one would like a world record that they couldn’t view.


I think about it a little bit more. And even if there is no rules about VOD and highlight, it could be established pattern of behavior. If it`s common for speedruns, the video have to be constant, it could be a reason for reject. My patern "if rules do not contain it, i can do it" was wrong. I`m sorry for this post, I was wrong.

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I will add a line to the rules that says something like "Please do not submit full stream VODs as video. Highlight your runs."

Please note that all runs that are currently on the site will stay on the site, even if the videos get deleted by twitch, the runner or whoever else has the power to delete the videos.
The videos have to be present when the run is accepted. Anything after that is out of our control. I do not think anyone would actually like to check all runs to see if the videos are still up.

Also note that if we miss something - like a video not being a proper highlight but in fact a full stream VOD - that is, because we are humans, too. We only see the video embedded into the speedrun.com page. We don't always read the title and not everyone is fluent in Russian for example and can decipher cyrillic video titles.

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