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Interesting question - let's take a look at the currend mods first:

Funkmastermp is the 'Diablo 1 guy' - he is just here to take care of the discord stuff and help a bit with the pretty pictures and stuff.
fuzziboy came in recently and helped with shuffling runs around between categories.
MrLlamasc came in early on - mainly to help with run verifications.
Teo was the first one to help me with verifications, but he's also been a major help with the recent changes and general rule questions
LaV is just here because he thought having a page for d2 would be cool a few years ago.

Basically I gave the permissions to everyone who asked for them - granted, I kind of knew those people before though.

So far the duties are pretty much only verifying runs when they pop in and being open for other stuff that pops up like rule questions and all that jazz. [And there will probably be a bit more in that regard in the near future with all the questions piling in :^)]

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