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After playing around a little bit with the -seed active:

Looks like the drops get somewhat randomized after a certain amount of distance from the waypoint at least.
e.g.: Countess dropped me different Runes on 20 runs in a row (always walking the same approach route inside of her tower lvl 5

Also the boss groups on the way changed quite a few times.

For all the Jail lvling lowers:
IF you have -seed active the amount of Champ spawns you get in the location will be fix from the waypoint. The only way to change the amount of champs would be to click on a different waypoint first. This means if your seed has a 2 Champ spawn when you go to jail lvl 1 instantly it might be a 4 Champ spawn from another waypoint

This, in my opinion is one more reason for the -seed command to be inactive

For those who want to check that out themselves - here is the DEC seed: 1977424993


"Looks like the drops get somewhat randomized after a certain amount of distance from the waypoint at least."

That seems to me the result of having to make more actions. More actions = less reliability. Close to the WP it's easier because you have to make less inputs, lowering the chance of missing a click or running too far, etc.


thats true...

in the end I am still gonna enjoy -seed inactive
otherwhise it will come down to wp hopping to manipulate shrines or find that one gg map that has and xp shrine in cold plains and then hopp into jail

with -seed inactive you at least can use any seed that has the correct layout with monster spawn.


Hi, I Like the idea of the seeded run.

I think Inactive seed vs active seed is kindof just a toss up. Active will make the category more distinct, and easier for runners to run, so I probably lean towards that.

Ultimately it's a different category, so that there are manipulations is gonna be part of it, might as well allow it to be more distinct from normal runs.


like Kinkara said, the distance from wp getting you different results depends on a whole bunch of other random events happening before you get to your destination (eg Countess), such as any monsters throwing attacks at you, running through fire (chance to hit and damage rolls), enemy movement, generating shop items, monster spawns, Your Attacks, even little background critters that are scurrying in the background use the RNG seed to generate randomness, thus pushing forward the index in the sequence. So, it's really reliable for anything that takes a short amount of time to get to and you can guarantee doing it the same every time (Champ spawns, superchests in LK) but not reliable for things like guaranteeing what Andy will drop for example, since way too many other things can happen that you can't guarantee will be the same by the time you get there.

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I prefer active, but I'm happy with either one.

Edit: It works cleaner with autosplitter too


To me the point of this version of a run is to have one that is just execution - you know the map, you know the monsters, and you work to execute your run including manipulating RNG to work in your favor (open the right chests and kill the right things and go to the right places, etc). It's why this deserves to be an entirely different category.
If that is the goal for this category, I'd think going active is the way to go (in addition to it being easier - you don't need to close d2 or premake all of your characters that you run for the day including unexpected hc deaths, which I think you would want to avoid regardless?)


I don't see the point in not running an active seed. If you are already seeding the map, you may as well take the side effects that come with it. Otherwise, you're better off running a map-hack in order to achieve the same outcome. Not to mention, it just makes runs smoother between resets so you don't have to restart your client multiple times between each attempt.

I think being able to manipulate items and shrines is a fun aspect for these runs and it differs them from the normal runs. In a way, with all this manipulation, they are like TAS runs that are going to push theoretical times into reality so that you can really see how fast each class can go when everything lines up.

I, for one, really enjoyed watching Ryu's stream yesterday with pushing the sorc on the Indrek Seed. Not only did it show how well Indrek did on-the-fly with the run in the first place, but it showed where optimizations can be implemented for smoother "normal" runs.

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I agree. Active seed makes most sense for seeded category and I would much rather compete in that category.

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Active seed seems like the way to go when it comes to this type of run, if you force one thing you might as well force the rest. Active seed is the category I would prefer to run in, but I'm excited for either. The whole seeding thing is a pretty cool idea to put everyone on the same/similar level and it is VERY beneficial for race purposes.

Also I wouldn't want to see pX miss out on a category like this.

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So... I guess that most ppl are interested in it being with -seed active...

You guys got any thoughts on how to deal with the cached maps in a hell run?
- Deal with it
- Remove map file from the save folder
- Remove -seed before starting nightmare


I don't do hell runs often, but if I did I would probably be okay with dealing with it since you'll easily be able to learn it for your specific seed, just having the overlapping maps might be slightly annoying of course. The only places that I can think of which get heavily impacted by it for speedrunning are Tower and Durance right?

Also I've been researching gambling and found some consistencies and patterns. You can guarantee the rarity of a specific item but you cannot control the rolls you get, so there's still an aspect of RNG involved there (especially if you're rolling for shared uniques such as amulets and rings). All of this depends on your level and the amount of times you hit gamble (or trade>gamble).

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Looks like you are right - i thought it does effect a lot more then those 2 areas

but durance alone can be a pain ^^ memorizing that seems really annoying <.<


Alright - since there are no further comments on the cached maps - "Deal with it" is the option we are going with.

The categories have been added and should work fine with your submissions now.

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