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I tried to stream Diablo II today with StreamLabs and I could only get it to work if I ran it in windowed mode. And then it just looked like the entire game window had been stretched out. Does anyone know of better way to get the game to stream?


I`m no expert on streaming software, but if your gamewindow looks fine on your end but gets stretched in streamlabs, you might be using a bad aspect ratio? You should be able to set that in streamlabs

/e had a quick look at your VOD from 2 days ago, looked fine at minute 15?


I think i explained it poorly. Streamlabs won't capture the game unless i use window capture. Because of that I have to run the game in windowed mode when I'm used to playing it in fullscreen. Trying to enlarge the window at all after it is in windowed mode seems to lower the quality of the game itself. I want to be able to run the game in fullscreen on my computer, but don't know how because Streamlabs doesn't want to work with me.

I had to go back to the VOD and look for myself. It didn't look that good when i was viewing it at the time. Maybe because i was trying to view my own stream? idk


Generally speaking you'll still experience the same quality loss regardless of it being played with an enlarged window or in fullscreen mode since the game/monitor is forced to stretch pixels.

Most of the runners play the game in windowed mode (I don't know if it's possible to capture the game at all in fullscreen on OBS)

It would suck if this is the drawback from making you want to start running, but speaking from personal experience you get used to it after a while and some would probably suggest using glide wrapper

As for capturing, it's generally a case of maximizing the window and then adjusting it in Streamlabs to fit


It's definitely a part of it. I'm just used to playing it fullscreen. Don't want to be trying to learn a speedrun while also getting used to playing in a smaller window. Also worried about the cursor leaving the window. Not sure if that's an issue or not.

From what i've seen OBS will not run it in fullscreen. Which is unfortunate.


Hytyme has these settings in Glide wrapper for streaming full screen game that isn't stretched out on a wide monitor, hope this helps:

as far as capturing it, I think you can use Display capture instead of game or window capture, and you can crop it with a filter