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Only posting because I had not heard of this previously or been recommended this. If this is covered somewhere else lemme know and i'll throw this away.

I have an issue keeping swap casting consistent. I use W for swap, G for my Desired Animation, and F for my Desired Skill.

I started using scroll wheel for my swap and now feel instantly more consistent.

For scroll wheel (Scrolling Down) the Desired Animation needs to be earlier in the English alphabet (for English installation of the game at least) and the Desired Skill needs to be later in the alphabet. I use F in this technique for the Desired Animation and G for the Desired Skill.

You begin to scroll down at the same time that you begin to depress the swap skill (W in my example) and viola! It's swapped. Important note is you only scroll one click or you'll actually go multiple skills down your hotkey set up. If you find Scrolling Up to be easier, then reverse the alphabetical arrangement of your skills.

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Quick note, Scroll wheel only work on the right button click spell. You still gotta swap the hard way on your left click. Sorry fam 🙁.


Good shout, to be honest it took me ages to get swap casting down.
In the end, I stuck with Q as the skill I didn't want to use, W to swap and E as the skill I wanted to use.
As mentioned elsewhere this means the length of your fingers does the work for you as when you press we at the same time w should end up being pressed first with e a split second later.
I now get it first time about 9/10 times. 🙂


i use w-first still, e-second and z-swap. Found a nice rhythm to set it up on the fly, ring finger on z, middle on w and index finger on e.

ez pz = )

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