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Hello to everyone 🙂 I want to submit D2 speedrun, but I have broblem with recording D2 in full screen with LiveSplit timer on same scene: it doesnt work. Just can't display timer. I've tried everything I can, but it still not working. I can record D2 in window mode + timer, but then I can't play normally and do my best.

So here is questions:
1. Is there some recent guide of solving this problem,
2. Can I just record D2 without timer (I know that it must be in 1 sitting)?


Are you sure your LiveSplit source is above the d2 client source in OBS?


Im shure. Here is short video of my problem:


Diablo 2 full screen can be very odd and messes with other windows, especially because D2 is a small resolutionn and Windows is forced to change to that resolution when it goes full screen. You can play D2 in windowed mode but have it maximized by right clicking the shortcut you use to launch the game, under "target" you'll see the filepath of the game, and at the very end tack on -w after a space so it looks like this: "C:/......diablo2.exe" -w
You can then double-click the top bar of the game's window to maximize it to the largest size it can be on your screen. Or you can play in the tiny window. This is how a lot of runners play
You get the benefit of being able to alt-tab out without screen flashing and whatnot, you can put a chat beside your game window, can see your timer and use it/display it properly, etc etc


It seems that I have to l2p in window mode(( I've tried to set base capture resolution in OBS = 800x600, tried to change monitor reso. to 800x600, and many, many other things. 1 time I managed to record D2 in fullscreen + WORKING timer, in 1080p, but the next day it stoped to working... I don't understand that.. Ok, will try to run as it possible 🙁


you can maximize the d2 window and it will even keep the 4:3 aspect ratio