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I wanted to know if it's possible that the miscellaneous categories be like the main categories. I don't mean that a miscellaneous category should be a main category. Right now in pacifist we don't have AMA ASN BAR DRU NEC PAL SOR. Also, The sorc run from Blixoxo is considered the 3rd best run even if it's the fastest for the caracter. You can see the 3rd place in Blixoxo profile or in the video page of the run or in diablo series page. It was like that for the main categories before it change.



There was an issue with how the category was set up after we swtched how categories worked: The default variable in the category was set to paladin instead of 'any' - I fixed this and now all runs are visible on the main category page per default.

What you are suggesting is making the class-variable a subcategory. That would be possible too, but that would make it harder to see all runs. For big categories with a lot of runs and runners that makes sense, but for 3 runners and 2 classes I feel like the way it is now is solid.



Thank you. It's easier to find the runs like that.

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