Yeah and when you talk about me, I will got nothing with this changes, I`m allready have both sc and hc wrs normal, and I don`t touch Hell runs at this discussion.


327__ if you really do want SC and HC to be the same run for normal, it should count for hell too don´t you think?


No, there is a huge different between hell sc and hell hc. At normal noone can just oneshot you, so with high level of skill it`s not very special to beat the game deathless, many of SC wrs are deathless. But hell runs are not the same.


ok... i will not think about random one shots from cold/fire enchanted beetles or a madawc that for no reason does like 300+ damage or of mephisto who can one shot you with pretty much every attack outside of his physical and poison hit...


Reading through a lot of this seems to come back to a cyclical argument. HC and SC are either different, or the same. There is either a distinction, or no distinction.

If HC = SC Deathless, then SC Deathless = HC. To accommodate this reality then there should only be Any%. You could still choose to do "challenge" runs of HC setting but you don't get another category distinguishing it.

We can all agree that SC and HC are actually different, there are different strategies, you do play the game differently, and just because individuals don't care about death-strats doesn't mean they're not viable and abusable.

Individuals having faster HC completion times than their SC completion times does not actually define the categories, it's a singular occurrence.

If we can submit HC for SC, then we want recognition for doing 2 things, when we've only done 1 thing. If that's the case, then we would need to get rid of the distinction. If that's the case, then why run HC? You will complete less runs, meaning you have to grind more, which is what some people seem to want to avoid.

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