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That would make such run segmented, not RTA.


It's not the same gameplay. You won't get that much fatique and loss of concentration when you split 8 hours run into 3 days. It's like running a marathon for 3 days and each day you only run 14kms.

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I see it the same way as Ewil

Apart from his thoughts its also extremly easy to cheat (not that I want to assume that ppl do that ;)) if ppl are allowed to take "breaks" in between.
And by cheating here I mean things like map seeds for all difficulties, drops from early act bosses etc.
I mean nobody stops you from taking 5-10 min breaks in your speedruns... There are a number of games that have 5+ days as wr's - nobody does those in one sitting... the point of RTA is that the timer is never paused.

And I really dont see that as a possible "new category" either


Then just do a segmented run if you don't want to do it in one sitting 🙂

Which kinda makes me wonder if there will be a segmented category on sr.com. Teo?

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I don't understand how you can say that current rules are a limitation of d2 speedrunning when people can run Norm Baal. What I'm trying to say is that you can't just make Hell Baal runs shorter and if you can't run Hell Baal there is always an alternative.


I'm just a spectator/fan, but I think this kind of goes against the spirit of the speedrun. It sucks that this limits your ability to compete as often in Hell, but I think the marathon and RNG aspect of it is part of the excitement and part of what it means to get that record.

I think you're the best D2 speedrunner right now Slimoleq, and I check this site every day after work to see if you've gotten your Hell WR back. I'm sure you'll get your Chromatic Ire soon! (3:21:30 in Ryu's Hell HC WR if you don't know what I'm talking about haha)

Keep up the good work guys, really fun seeing what you're capable of:)


@Slimoleq: having few runners doesnt mean that it is a bad category ^^ you know as well as I do that hell runs are a time investment.
It is a decision to do these long runs, noone is forcing you to do them. 😉


Why not make a nightmare category?


I think that might be getting into Too Many Categories territory, and if you're intending on doing Nightmare, why not keep going to Hell? or just do Normal?


Hey, I just discovered this site. Been playing D2 since 2000 on and off. Looking forward to learning speedruns for this game (hardcore mode of course). To tie this to your thread, I agree with the idea of allowing pauses to get more persons interested. Certainly I will be taking pauses and just learning the tips and tricks for the first few months.


I agree with Slimo that Hell runs are tiresome and demand too much time, that's why I don't run them. If there was a way to segment or at least pause (let's say, the runner can pause but can't stop recording, and when pausing the d2 client cannot be closed, that would make validation easier and way harder to cheat), I'd surely run it. This way, a new category wouldn't be necessary and probably more runners would like to run too.

I'd totally support a Nightmare category and surely would run it.


Just a quick example, guys. When HC and SC runs were separated, we saw an incredible grow on D2 speedrun community. Of course there were other factors, like D2 at GDQ, more streamers, etc, but the leaderboards are a big factor. Just check twitch daily, there are plenty of runners doing solely HC (like Fluffo, Ryu, TheXec, etc etc).

Was it a coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. The point is, changes are welcome when many people ask for them, and more ¤options¤ are always welcome. Check Megaman games, for example. It has some very popular categories, and some with just 2 or 3 completed runs. If something new (like a new category, or filters on leaderboards) doesn't affect negatively the community, I don't see why it shouldn't be allowed, even if only a few people want it.


I think that, as people run Normal runs more and more, eventually they might try some Hell runs after they have been playing so long or pass a certain goal or get bored etc etc. I know I used to think Hell runs were pretty damn ridiculous but after sitting in on some of Ryu's streams I've been wanting to at least try it sometime. but it is still a big time investment

As for making a Nightmare category, maybe? I'm not sure how many would want to run it though, but you could always just start doing it anyways and see if any others want to try and beat your score and - wait, isn't this how speedruns started anyways??

I'd say go for it! Whether or not others will join you will be up to those individuals, and whether or not its added to the list of categories on this site is up to how successful those runs are in popularity and up to the admins


I also think that doing Nightmare runs can change how much time you spend grinding levels, grinding for certain items, quests, etc compared to Hell, so it can definitely warrant its own play style that's different from Normal or Hell.

Also, would it be viable to consider 100% quest runs as well?


I thought about nightmare runs aswell, but for most chars nightmare is the easiest difficulty.
Its fairly hard not to reach level 40 by the time you reach the ancients, yeah - some chars might not want to grind 2hours for a Shael rune on nightmare countess if they could only use it for nightmare.

Also historically - Playing through the game, playing through normal was popular for lan partys or for casuals and the people that wanted to go further did not stop after nightmare, they went for the full game.

As for 100% - that would certainly be possible, but the any% Hell run is already quite long for some classes at least and throwing in quests like hell Anya or Nilathak, making sure you used the socket, imbue, personalization quests on all difficulties and talked to Atma after killing Radament.
Also we would probably go with the SDA definition of 100% which includes killing the cow king on all difficulties (The game treats killing the cow king like a quest).

Also we would have to enforce a rule like "Show Quest log of all difficulties/acts after the run + fail to open cow level on all difficulties on the same video" - Without that checking if a 100% run was actually 100% would be very tedious.

any% nightmare? In my opinion: Nay
100%? Possible if people actually want to do that to themselves.

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