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edit Just putting the process video of this cheese at the top so it's easier to see! old video is no longer relevant


ht tps://yo utu. be/JcEi3 OcLwL 4

I got this cheese accidentally and am wondering if anyone else had this happen / knows a consistent setup, as I'm not aware of it happening before

I got this on Nightmare Duriel, which might matter since he is faster I believe, but also I am faster because of my gear

I was bashed by Duriel while he was in that spot and got knocked back to roughly where I stood, so he basically cheesed himself. What's good about this cheese compared to the other one on the right of the map is Duriel's Holy Freeze doesn't reach us (at least in Normal and nightmare, not sure about Hell) so it would be a much faster cheese to get in a speedrun setting especially for attack speed ranged characters. I haven't recreated it yet so I have no idea whether it's easier than the other cheese, but it exists nonetheless. If you get this cheese and record the process of it, let me know!

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Interesting, happened to me before but holy freeze was able to reach me. Played around 1h with that obstacle and getting Duriel stuck doesn't seem to be as easy as on pillar, maybe it's just matter of practice idk, on the bright sight you can get him stuck on the other side too, so with good pathing it shouldn't be the end of the world and hasten the process by not doing whole circle around, it looks like this:

You can do one more cool thing that you can't do with pillar stuck - get Duriel stuck in way you can melee damage him or spin hammers and land hits. Tested it both with slow and fast characters, works. However it's tough to do.

Anyway all cases open new possibilities that one with solid practice may take into consideration.


So I tested this out further and tested a few spots. I think the one at the top is pretty easily replicated! I did a little test session and just uploaded the whole thing, but I did speed up the boring bits (which is funny to watch)

I would definitely like to make this top cheese a part of sin and zon repertoire as they both rely on IAS frames and not being affected by holy freeze would be a huge bonus! Charged strike swapcast is op for this especially

Bokser, I'm interested in testing out that duriel cheese for barb runs, I'll have to do that sometime, and of course it is also very nice for hdin as well

This cheese could probably work for Necro too, as you can certainly aim Bone Spear so it still hits duriel (I test this with Lightning Fury in the video, it hits as long as you don't directly target him)

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Getting Duriel stuck on the right side pillar in a way where the Holy Freeze aura doesn't touch you looks easier and more consistent than this, but the prospect of letting melee builds and hammerdin cheese Duriel is extremely appealing. Very neat find!

Also, cheesing Duriel with Necromancer doesn't make much sense since you can just use Bone Prison.

EDIT: For the record, here's the right side pillar cheese I'm referring to: https:/​/​clips.​twitch.​tv/​GleamingLachrymoseFlamingoGingerPower
I am 100% convinced there's a way to make the setup very consistent, but I tend to just yolo it and it works often enough.


Clipped this from MacroBioBoi's stream just now, looks like a very good cheese for melee range, if replicable


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