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Hello! I am new to the Diablo 2 speed running scene and I couple of questions regarding this forum and speed running the game.
I noticed that all of the speed runs are labeled RTA. I was wondering if there was a reason for this, such as taking breaks or if they are segmented or anything like that, or if that's just how they are named.
I was also wondering if 100% runs were going to be included in this leader board and if waypoints would be included, or just quests (and cow king?)
I've noticed on some other sites a lot of the runs are segmented, and I'm assuming they are not on this site.


RTA = Real Time Attack
This means that the runs have to be done in one session without stopping the timer. We use this format because with pausing timers you could potentially change the stats of unidentified items / look at maps / etc.

100% = All Quests + Cow Kings on all difficulties. It doesn't include waypoints (Speeddemosarchive rules)
We don't have them on our leaderboards because I was the only one who made an RTA run out of that (6:39h). (If this changes and a lot of people want to do 100% runs that COULD always change)

Segmented runs are mainly found on Speeddemosarchive or youtube. They don't appear here.


Hey, i guess this thread is good for my questions as well:

I am really interested in starting to run LoD. Usually I was/am playing casually on bnet, with friends, or public games. I do quests like den of evil etc. because it's just convienent. I would say I am not a horrible player, but I am also far away from being great. So my question:

What should be my focus at getting started with speedrunning this game?
- I am okayish in map reading, but i need to look up which directions i need to do.
- my menueing is horrible: reading items, shopping, potions take really long. I dont use TK to activate WPs, chest etc.
- Running and skilling/stating works kind of. i most of the time come to a short stop.

I try to follow the YT guide by Llama and your guide on the website, teo.

So, where to start? 🙂 Thank you!


I would start by using one of the faster & easier characters (Assa, Druid) and just do runs with it. A faster, easier run gives you more opportunities to practice every part of the run and will result in more PBs.

IMO getting PBs and improving them feels amazing and very motivating. Much more than practicing single parts of the game one by one

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Hey, I didn't wanna start a new thread for this, and it's kind of a noob question, because I'm new to this site: If I beat my PB with a class I already have a verified run, will the other one just be deleted from the leaderboard and my new PB will be on there or should I edit my first run to have a new time with a new video and it gets verified again?

On another note I really wanna thank the mods for doing an amazing job on this site! Thank you guys a lot!


The leaderboards only show your best run of every class in a category.

If you get a new PB you just submit a new run and we'll verify it when we have the time.

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