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Did a 100% all quest run, could it be a run under "misc" ?

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I was anxiously awaiting a topic like this popping up in fear of another 223*7 categories for this game.

Anyway - let's explore what categories Diablo II offers (ignoring gamemode, /players-setting and class):

As you might know the rules and categories we use are adapted from the rules SDA uses/used.

There were 2 main categories on SDA: any% and 100%.

Any% is pretty much what we play as "any% Norm" here.
100% is defined as "All difficulties, all quests completed" - note that this category involves killing the cow king on all difficulties, because the game tracks the death of the cow king like a quest even though the information is not shown in the quest log.

For RTA runs any% (aka any% Norm) is a great category to play. Straight forward, rush to all act bosses and don't do a lot of side-stuff.
Same for any% Hell. Straight forward no backtracking just more content to blast through.

Now let's look at 100%. It involves more strategizing. You have to figure out when to kill Bloodraven in Norm for example. She takes ages when you first come through - even when you go after her after killing Andariel [I believe Siyko's ancient 4 1/2 hour segmented run did that] she takes a few hits to kill. Going after her later when you have the ability to move faster and kill the enemies quicker is beneficial.
So what would a 100% run look like? Any%-esque Norm and NM playthroughs - maybe with an extra quest that doesn't take much time to complete on the way followed by a full hell playthrough (Unlikely that there's significant upgrades while running through hell to justify backtracking to complete some of these quests)
And then you still have to complete all the quests you skipped in Norm and NM.
All the backtracking is certainly not very interesting and makes it tough for viewer to follow the action and probably also easy for runners to forget completing certain quests (Personalizing, socketing items, talking to Atma or Ashera)
On the other hand 100% offers a few new challenges: How are trap assassins that are basically limited to fire and light damage going to kill the FI/LI council boss on hell? Or how will sorcs deal with the CI/FI one? New fancy hell-respec-mid-travi-after-skippint-it-initially-strats?

100% (Hell) could be fun, but it could make the runs for some classes quite a bit longer and some parts of it not exactly interesting.

Of course giving 100% the same treatment as any% and also adding something like "100% Norm" would be possible, but I don't think it would involve as much of a new challenge as "100% Hell" as it would just be some more running for most characters. Barb might actually be quite tough since he has to kill another foe that is even higher leveled than Baal (60): Nihlathak (68) - but then again Nihla has basically no life.


Anyway - people are interested in running it (multiple people) we can try figuring something out.

I would like to hear some more opinions on the matter first though.

Of course another option would be to just call the category "All Quests" instead of 100% and just track quests. That would also make it easier to separate between Norm and Hell (But still: norm seems significantly less interesting than hell here)
That would also iron out one common misconception with the SDA rules: When watching the SDA runs a lot of people are wondering why waypoints are not included in their definition of 100%.

- LaV

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The "all quests" normal/hell sounded good, was something like that I was looking for, it was really fun to do the all quests-run too

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