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Is there a reason that most splits are done from boss fights and not the end of an act? (the end of an act being the time you move from one act to another, eg talking to Warriv and moving to act 2, split on that loading screen, with the exception of killing Baal of course)

I know you can basically set up your splits however you want, I'm just curious as to why splitting at each boss is the norm - I'm considering switching to splitting on acts, as the amount of time you spend in town before moving on to an act can vary (whether you got Mallus and wanted to imbue some boots, amount of potion managing before moving on to act 5 if you're low on money, etc etc)

(I run normal SC runs btw, I'm sure splitting a Hell run can vary greatly)


When the boss dies, the act is complete. Technically, everyone already is splitting at the end of each act.


What you said is correct, you can split anyway you want. I think most people split at bosses because they saw other people doing it, because killing an act boss actual feel like a step, or just because bosses are cool milestones.

I think spliting on bosses is good because you can travel several times to other acts, like when you are at act3 and go to act2 to buy misc potions with the annoying guy beside Fara ("whatahell you want?"), ou to hire the aura mercenaries. Also the last split is actually a boss (Baal), and not the act.


I think that you don't officially move on to the next act until you actually make the move to the next act (you have to talk to a specific NPC to make it happen)

One of the things I was thinking about, is after you kill a boss, there's a certain sense of relief that can make you kinda slow down after you kill a boss, when really there's still a bit to do before moving on to the next act (picking up items from the boss, extra shopping, moving to the NPC that moves you to the next act, etc). This can depend on the runner though, but for me personally I think I relax too much after bosses, I'm looking for a better incentive to speed up my between-act-activities

Overall it won't really make a difference in your time no matter how you do your splits, it's just more of a personal preference I'm considering changing up, I jsut wanted to see what others think!


The act is completed when you complete the last quest, for most acts (all but act 2) that is when you defeat the boss, so when I started I just did split when Duriel died aswell.

There is people that use different splits aswell like a Den of Evil-split, a Countess-spli, an Arcane-split to see the impact of a 4th-way-arcane.

Also in hell runs in act 5 normal - its quite common to have a split for Baal and a split for when you leave normal as you have gather some experience after defeating Baal normal in cow/baalruns most of the time.

All in all - do whatever you like best as long as you use Baals death as final split.

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