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hey everyone!

This Sunday, March 28, 8:00 AM PST we'll be discussing some aspects of how we handle run submissions in this discord. https://discord.gg/rj7j8ZvBeB . The topics to discuss are pinned in the #discussion_lists channel

The discussion will be held in voice chat but you can discuss in both text and voice form, as long as you are able to listen in on the discussion. I will be recording/scribing the discussion to generate a solid set of minutes we can refer to if there are to be changes made.

Ideally, all mods and verifiers should be present, and as many active speedrunners as we can. If you can't make it but would still like to participate, let me know. if necessary we can schedule another meeting to include people that were not able to make it and/or if we could not come to a solid conclusion about a topic. Any questions prior to the meeting feel free to ask! - Blazer

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For reference, here are the pinned messages in question:

Hey all,

This is a draft of what I am able to gather are concerns that we can address. I present these minutes, in an order I think is most important/pressing, with which we can discuss and try to come up with a plan for a potential new set of rules to help the community come to an agreement and we can move forward with a new and better year of speedrunning D2:
1) Are we deterring new runners from getting involved in speedrunning D2?

2) Are we deterring current runners from continuing to be involved in speedrunning D2?

3) Should moderators be able to make exceptions to the main rules for verifying a run provided there is other circumstancial evidence supporting the run? To what extent should mods be able to exercise these exceptions? What other pieces of evidence can a mod use to help verify questionable or improperly recorded runs?

4) Should runners be able to appeal a rejected run? What should the process be?

5) Should In Game Time remain a requirement for run submissions? If so, should we start manually retiming top runs for IGT? If not, do we keep it as an option and only retime if times are close enough together?

6) Should we use stricter rules for top runs and more lax rules for regular runs?

7) Should we have more community involvement when it comes to verifying top runs? or, should a team of verifiers verify or reject a run instead of just one verifier?

8 ) should we "roll back to before all the rules changed" and work up from there?

9) Are we really at risk of cheaters attempting to submit cheated runs? Are the rules we have in place now enough, or too much? Are there enough instances of cheaters to justify strict rules? If we have the less strict rules and people do attempt to cheat, is leaving it up to the community to catch them enough?

10) What are some "video submission standards" that we can all agree on to improve the likelihood that runs won't be rejected due to improperly cut VODs?

Do not respond to these questions yet, this is more or less a draft of minutes before we start any additional discussion, and may yet need to add or change anything I missed or overlooked. That being said, are there any other issues that should be considered or I missed? I'll add more minutes if necessary. Then, we can create a more formal discussion going through each of the minutes as individually as practical, to prevent circling back to the same issues. The discussions will be held tentatively on a weekend after March 23rd, exact date and time to be announced. I'll keep 327's inital message pinned in the #general_d2_rules channel for those who wish to go back up and review all that had been discussed in here again when thinking about their input to the minutes.

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Hey everyone, yesterday at 8:00 AM PST, ten of us met in discord to discuss the above points and decide if any changes to the current rules or way we verify runs needs to take place. The conclusions that we came to will be noted below:

You can now choose between RTA and IGT in your submissions. It's no longer a requirement to display both timing methods correctly to have a run verified. IGT is still recommended though, and if the timer is not working correctly runs will default to using RTA

Partially muted videos (such as muted sections in vods from playing copyrighted music) will no longer automatically be rejected, however fully muted vods will be rejected (-ns is still banned!)

Broken videos will always be rejected. Make sure you record your runs locally in case of disconnects etc!

We are changing to a 2-column leaderboard for timing methods. IGT will be default and runs that don't have IGT will have their IGT be RTA.

A trouble shooting guide for setting up the IGT timer will be made

more clear guidelines for video submissions will be made

Main categories (Any% Normal, Any% Hell) will be merged with P1/PX/P8 categories. The main categories will soon look like this:
Normal P1, Normal Px, Normal P8, Hell P1, Hell Px, Hell P8


Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion. If you missed out on the conversation and would like to add your own input, feel free to discuss the topics further here, or reach out to one of the moderators with any questions or concerns. We will continue to have these sorts of discussions if and when required.

Happy running!

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A couple of additions from me:

The leaderboard changes will take some time, please be patient. This also applies to the trouble shooting guide and the guidlines for video submissions.

Also, since the adjusted rule set is a bit more relaxed, we ask you to look out for "fishy runs" on the leaderboards.

To report a fishy run or to appeal a rejection, we have implemented a Text-Channel in discord. Feel free to point these things out, so we can take a closer look.

We are all human, cant watch every one from beginning to the end, and we can make mistakes. 🙂

EDIT: Also, to anyone that had their runs rejected due to ingame-time, please resubmit your runs.


Since you've already switched to 2 columns, maybe there's a reason why you did it this way, I don't know, but I just wanna mention that Real Time / In-game time is actually not the proper option. In-game time doesn't apply to games that use a load removing scripts (that is "time without loads"), but rather to games that literally display a timer.

Just a technicality, otherwise I think I like how you handled this.

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someone took out the dictionary 😉

The reason for this approach is to not mess around the current leaderboard order - there is some issues by having one or the other column empty.

Would love to rephrase the column headers, but thats just not an option...


Don't worry, I'm not here to poke you about small details. Just asking if there was a particular reason this was done like that. No worries haha


Hey all, the category and game rules have been cleaned up and clarified a bit (a bit overdue, sorry!)
please let me know if there needs to be any further clarification

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