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So I've played D2 quite a bit in my days, but recently have taken an interest in speed running. I'll probably try out the sorc first.

Anyways, one miscellaneous self-imposed rule I've done runs with before is a "Punching Run." All damage must result from punching enemies - I allowed a merc but he or she had to be weaponless as well. I found it to be quite interesting, and each class had different skills to affect this (defensive or offensive, enchant punching sorc was entertaining especially).

Anyways, I'd like to try an any % soon, so wish me luck.


Quick note - I can't get livesplit to display over the top of D2, how do I get it to appear on screen for me to see?


I don't think there is a lot of people that are interested in this to be honest.

Not only does it go against the purpose of speedrunning by randomly limiting yourself (same as the pacifist run). It also seems extremly boring to punch monsters for days untill you get a skill to improve your punching.

for the livesplit topic -> you can change the "order" on your obs scenes:
- Right click on the livesplit capture
- there is an option to change order
- put on top there


Just out of curiosity and to try it out for fun, what would you say the rules for a punch-only run be?

Would holy fire for example be out of the question because it deals passive damage?
Are items that have stuff like Nova procs or Thorns damage banned?
Werewolf/bear form? (just not using a weapon at any point)

These sorts of things should be considered when thinking about new challenging ways to play the game

I'm willing to give it a go, even if it remains an unofficial category


I would ban any spell or skill that has damage that does not directly result from your punch (learned or given from equipment). Holy Fire would be banned, and even thorns would be out (may as well do the pacifist run for that I guess), summons would be out. The werewolf and wearbear forms would be ok, as long as no weapon is equipped.

It's maybe not great as a speed run category, but it would be interesting to see how far you could get. I took a pause on my barb after beating Baal on normal, but I could try pushing into NM. Charms are great sources for damage. Considering how long it would take, even optimized, if this were speedrun, maybe it could just be limited to A1 (killing Andy).

(edited: )

Oh, and I'd be a little lenient on mercs - the only ones I'd ban were A3 mercs, and the rest can't use weapons either. I hope that's clear/consistent.

Edit:// Apparently OBS doesn't record this game fullscreen for me because of the resolution, weird. Here's a clip of the NM den of evil.


I did a small test run for Paladin and it took me 2 hours to beat Andy LUL. fun little challenge run but definitely very slow and tedious and you're not gonna get anywhere without charms. Damage reduction armor and shield are helpful early. Nadir helm is the only other runeword than Stealth that could even come close to helping you out here, since everything else is a weapon


Yea, I don't see much potential speedrunning this concept past Andy, but I wouldn't mind that.

(edited: )

I once beat up Duriel on a naked barbarian with nothing but bash (and 2 combat shrines)

It took more than 1.5 hours

granted, that was on a naked character, one with some attack rating / extra damage on other gear-pieces would be a little faster

Anyway, I don't like the idea of actually speedrunning challenges like that. Its artificial difficulty by limiting yourself. It might be a fun challenge, but not a fun speedrun imo.

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