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My brother and I built a new character viewer. Here's what it looks like: https:/​/​diablo.​run/​indrek

It also has the ability to link to specific characters. For example here's the character from my normal sorceress pb: https:/​/​diablo.​run/​indrek/​suckless1498

It's available for everyone and you can set it up here using the latest Diablo Interface (v0.5.2): https:/​/​diablo.​run/​setup

After the setup you get your own link that you can share in chat.

Let me know if you have any issues with the setup on Discord.

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This extension is awesome! Here's the gear from my recent barb PB - https:/​/​d2.​leede.​ee/​character#Barbarian1696


cool stuff

What might be interesting:
A window that just shows one of the items and rotates trough your gear. We could capture that + put it in our streams, that way even Vod-viewers would be able to see our gear "live"

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This is great! Would it be possible to add merc gear and maybe where skill points have been spent?

I wonder if it could store the data to a time series db. Then you could potentially have a file that can be played back at the same time as the run. It would be sweet to have that on a page with an embedded VOD of the run...

I'd offer to help but I have no experience with C#, and the last time I touched C99 was 15 years ago.

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Thanks, this is really good! I will be using it for a single player walkthrough: https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=83135333&f=161

Example char: https://diablo.run/johnnydazz/

Adding merc gear, inventory, stash, cube would be awesome 🙂

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