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I tried it today and it works perfectly fine - if everyone else is OK with it then I'm fine with just not allowing macros. Keeps things simple.

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To be honest, the ONLY category I've ever seen as official (besides any%/hell any % HC/SC) one is: pX
Reason: changing players setting is an official option, no hacks/trainers/modding have to be used.
And pX doesn't have the potential to be faster, it just IS. For every class in every category.

p8 normal is fine as a challenge/fun run, p8 hell is only really interesting with sorc.
All these other categories are just an excuse so people can be Top1-3 in first try.

Why not just make some more official categories like 100% except Nihlathak, 100% except Raven, 100% except some other single quest, any% no running allowed, any% fire only sorc and so on... This way we can think of >1000 different categories so everyone will have a fair share being on leaderboards. Some other games already have such clustered menus on this site, that only REALLY familiar people with whose games can differenciate what's what.

While any%, any% no glitches and 100% are understandable categories for every person ever. Not just the ones who run them.

On a side note, under Miscellaneous tab: 100% run and Segmented should definitely exist, same as Abigail, I think.

Sorry for my ignorance, but I just don't see how p8 runs fit in official category.

[EDIT] adding some more thoughts:

Any% SC/HC, any% hell HC/SC was a great structure.
Although as we all seen, nowadays there is no real difference between normal SC/HC. Those 20-30sec saving Throne death strats don't make the run.

With all all the runs we have seen now, any% HC/SC could just be that - any%.

Well, but now we have different structure so again, for p8 normal SC/HC might be more different.

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I would totally agree with you if this was about something like /p3 or so, but /p8 is something people have always been playing as a special challenge to experience the game at its hardest.

Also adding it the way we did instead of as a misc category was way easier for us and allows people to compare /p8 runs to the other main categories way easier.


If people run 100% (note: as per SDA definition 100% is all quests, including cow king on all difficulties (in any order) - as I said previously, we could throw in somerhing like "100% Normal" aswell, which would include all quests including cow king on normal) we'll add it.

Regarding segmenetd runs: I don't think this is the right place for them. Speedrun.com in general is more of a place for RTA runs.

By "Abigail" I assume you mean any% hell hc /p8 sorc that only uses blizzard? I think that's too many limitations, but feel free to submit them as /p8 any% hell hc sorc runs ;-)


edit for your edit:


With all all the runs we have seen now, any% HC/SC could just be that - any%.

I kind of agree, just like 2-3 years ago or whenever we split the any% category into any% SC and any% HC, I don't think SC and HC being separate categories makes sense from a speedrunning point of view, but it is what the community wanted and, I guess, still wants.

Diablo (and other similar games) have a long history of separating hardcore and softcore players - even rivalry between players of the two gamemodes.

If we would throw them both in the same ranking now, both old and new runners would be less inclined to play hardcore and that would probably reduce some peoples fun/hour while it would not increase anyone elses.

(Note: With the recent changes making the gamemode just a simple variable again is a matter of 2 or 3 clicks, but I really don't see that happening)


For those that use Diablo Interface, there is now an option to display the /players value in the widget in this small update


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I think displaying the most popular, most contested category is better than displaying the one with the lowest time.

If popularity and stuff changes we will probably adapt aswell, but for now we'll stick with the way it is.


Please stop trying to stir shit over nothing. Thanks.

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For more then 3.5 years I am speedrunning here and there is more then enough examples in other games where the "fastest" run is not the very first you see.
How do you determine the value of a hell vs a normal speedrun? Should the hell or the normal world record be displayed?
Should the HC or SC time be displayed first?

Also we just recently added players x and players 8 with the goal of giving them the recognition runners are looking for. Indreks run just popped up today and you expect us to change everything?
Do you really expect us to react to every single development in the game by changing up the way everything is displayed?
Should we have started by displaying a completly empty category just because we KNOW that it MUST be faster? (and yes we all KNOW that players x MUST be faster)
There is a lot of ways to go even faster than players x -> with the -act 5 start parameter.

I am starting to get a feeling a lack of recognition for the work we do here to make these leaderboards somewhat clean. And I still have yet to hear anyone volunteering to take over some of these jobs.

I know you have a strong personality and you try to have a good impact on the diablo community as a whole, but as long as you are not doing speedruns yourself, try to not attack us every chance you get.


I agree with Teo here. The fact of the matter is, the game at it's core base level is a players 1 run. While the players X command is definitely a part of the game and gives a challenge/modification to the game, P1 is the absolute base. Everything else builds off of p1. That is why it is the main run shown upon entrance. Not because its fastest or not because its "easiest" or popular. Because p1 is the very core and base of the game.

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