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I've been using S+E's to exp shrine hunt in cold plains/black marsh, but the time it takes to quit the game is huge.. usually about 5 seconds or more. I've started alt+f4ing and reloading, which I can do a lot quicker. Is this allowed in runs?

Alternatively, does anybody know how to speed up S+E's??


Alt+F4 and reloading character is faster for you then Save and Exit? What?!?


I've noticed something that some players experience and some dont, and im not entirely sure what causes it. For me, when I save/exit, sometimes the game locks up for up to 10 seconds (sometimes ive gotten even worse ones). But some others never get this. It doesn't seem to be an SSD thing, as i have everything installed on SSDs, so its gotta be something else. I'd much rather find the direct cause of the save/exit locking up than resort to alt F4 and relaunching the game


That's right, blazer. I researched it quite a bit, and there are supposed fixes but none of them worked for me. It definitely has something to do with the maps, because if I enter the game and immediately S&E, it's almost instant, but if I WP to cold plains instead, it will take 5-10 seconds. I also have the game on SSD, btw.

Alt+F4 is almost instant for me, except for sometimes it lags the same as S&E. I have to note though, this would not be useful if farming a WP for shrine+boss group or multiple boss groups, because the game won't be saved, and you will lose the XP and items you picked up.

Just keen to know if this will be allowed in runs.. I can see how it would be on the iffy side.


if a game crashes mid run, for most games as far as i know, the run is still allowed to continue, no save or not. alt f4 is basicaslly a forced crash, or like hard resetting a console game. IMO it can be allowed. My only question is, is it allowed to be used if it's possible to reset something you're only allowed to do once (eg the hellforge quest after not getting the gem/rune you wanted), or can it be used to continue playing a hardcore character that just died?

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for the hc part: no - death is not part of a hc run - there could be an argument for allowing it to be a softcore run in that case <.<

I think in general alt + f4 is not really helpfull since
a ) you loose game progress (xp / sometimes waypoints and minimapprogress)
b ) i dont think you can actually restart the game as fast as just waiting for reaload - it just feels faster because you are actually active during the time

What is more important though is the fact that you can use a "crash" to remove the -seed line from your game path (where you put in -w for windowed mode e.g.) which would make cheating with maps so much easier and harder to detect.
There are clues to figure out if that -seed line is in the run for the whole time.

I know that this is a really annoying thing and most of us have to deal with the "S&Q lock" but I don't think this is the right way to approach this problem and work arround it.

For the topic of restarting game after random crash:
This usually rollbacks your character by around 3-5 mins in a really random way (wps still there but map is back to the not explored state etc.) So this is something that you can deal with IF you want to. A normal run would be ruined by this any day of the week.


Thanks for the detailed reply. I agree mostly with what you say about the disadvantages of restarting vs. S&E, but there definitely would be advantages in very specific situations.
Time is saved with this method for me - I timed it.

You've made a good point about the cheating possibilities with this method, and I think it would be better to not use this method, and just take the minor time loss with using the Save and Exit approach.

Thanks again 🙂


I tested a couple HC deaths and then alt-F4ing, it turns out the game probably automatically saves when a death happens to prevent something like trying to cheat around it, so altf4 and relaunch still shows the character as slain

On the -seed thing, has there ever been discussion about seeded runs? can everyone run the same map? (probably worthy of a new thread)


@blazer-flamewing I think the idea of doing runs/having races with the same random seed is awesome 😃

And yeah, the game saves automatically periodically, and when certain things happen as well as when you S&E

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