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He uploaded it to me on Discord manually. Not sure where he got it. I can send it to you on Discord. But I just wanted to make a point that we don't have to use plugy, and we can do this in 1.14d without a bunch of overhead.

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I am fledgling running but I do see some good things that could come of seeded runs. I think it would work best as a separate category. I don't think I would run this category for a long while but for veterans or those wanting more options to get on a board i like it. I think it would need two categories active seed and inactive.

I also see the seed option as a really fun way to do races. Instead of each runner in a race getting a different seed everyone could run the same seed. Ideally it would be a blind seed so each runner could showcase their particular skills and see who comes out on top. I have been watching Dragon Warrior randomizer speedrun races and this is how they do it. They share a seed code and generate the rom in a program that makes the new rom based on the seed number and then run against each other. The differences being their skill as a runner and the decisions they make based on the map they see. So RNG is still there but a much better way to compare each others times and running skills.

I think it would be a great tool to be able to share any seed you run on even in the normal category after you complete. So if I like a seed a runner is doing I can use that seed to compare their results with mine. It would be a powerful tool to help us newer runners to learn in a different way. Or if doing a race compare runs after the fact and learn from it.

Overall I still think the regular normal or hell runs will be the "main" categories but seeded would be fun for others to keep running interesting.

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Hi, On the Challenge Runs front, is there a consideration for adding a new game page/ meme run page (though meme run interpretation may be taken the wrong way).

There is presidence for this to be done by speedrun.com, as mirrors edge has a page speedrun.com/mememe (Mirrors Edge MEME). Where there are a collection of various different run types that are largely just runs people wanted to do, but don't really fit in the architypal speedrun categories that currently exist.

This might be something woth considering in the success/failure of that endevour by the Mirrors edge community. Though I'm not active there at all.


I just want to say, as someone who's played exclusively on Battlenet for the past twenty years, and has also really enjoyed watching people speedrun Diablo 2 single-player for the past six years I've always felt kind of intimidated by taking a competitive dive into single player runs. I'm excited enough about the possibility of these new categories that I actually set up an OBS profile for Diablo 2 this morning.

I obviously haven't earned a voice in this community, but I feel like adding BNS categories will attract more Battlenet players to the speedrunning boards. Also, I think I enjoyed Ryu's BNS Paladin run last night as much as I've enjoyed watching any speedrun in the past couple years.

Thank you Ryu!

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