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@mods: Has anyone done this yet and can we have it on the stats page, please?

I was thinking all times in a category over all characters added up, similar to the-elite.net...maybe have a points system if most people have not posted a time with all characters?

Any% Normal - Softcore players1

Teo- = 12:08:41 (4 WRs, 2 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd)
MrLlamaSC = 12:22:04 (1 WR, 5 x 2nd)
blazer-flamewing = 13:35:37 (3 x 3rd)
Ellieceraptor = 16:17:17.

Can't find other runners eligible but please correct me!


I don't think we have the option to add something like this here.

Also I think it makes more sense for the James Bond games, because of their IL nature.


that would only make sense for anyone who's completed a run across all classes anyways

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