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Dear Speedrun Forum Members,

We are building startup of a new guides website for Diablo 2. We are looking for people that are expert in Diablo 2 and other games.

We will pay per word AND per visit on the guide forever! Not like other guides websites that just pay for the article and then make tons of money on your hard work.

The cool part about it is that:
Instant Payment. On acceptance of the draft.
100% of Ad revenues for you. Revenues generated from banners on the guides are paid to you forever. It will be like having your own website, without all the problems related to hosting, managing, SEO, etc.
You don’t need to be an expert writer. You just need to know what to write about! We have an in house expert that will make sure your article will shine on the Web and be optimized for Google.
You can choose the subject. You are free to propose us what you want to talk about.
Not mandatory work. You don't need to write many guides, if you write 1 guide that drives a lot of visits, you will earn money forever from it.

If anybody is interested in writing guides to earn money or know a friend who is able to do it, please help us. Send your application here and we will contact you ASAP!

Complete the form at this link to apply become a writer: http://www.gameuni.co/

Hope to hear from you soon!

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