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Hey everyone

After 3 months and the addition of new personnel that verifies runs, we had a discussion between all the moderators and verifiers.

Following adjustments and additions to the rules apply from now on:

a ) Both timing methods have to be displayed on the video!

Recently the topic of potentioally spliced runs has come up more and more, especially with runs appearing from not streamed footage. While there is not much we can do to check if all previously made speedruns are spliced, we can do something for the future. We believe that enforcing everyone to use both timing methods will lead to so much effort to splice a run that people will think twice about it.

b ) The use of Classic will be allowed again.

-> This was a very close vote on the last discussion. I think a lot of people didn't really understand, what the classic vote really was about. So we have decided to go back on that decission.

c ) The audio levels of the ingame sound need to stay the same during the whole video unless you are changing it in the game menu or adress the reasoning behind your volume change within the run.

d ) The target line -sndbkg needs to be used by everyone going forward.

This target line allows your game to broadcast audio while you are not in the game (e.g. clicking out of the window by accident). This is an addition to the already enforced usage of at least 1 tick of game sound. The reasoning behind this is to reduce the amount of sound gaps that your videos may have.

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I recently gained an interest in speed running this game, but I've only been practicing PreLOD and specifically 1.00. The -sndbkg doesn't seem to work on this version, and neither does the Livesplit game time plugin. What advice do you have for me to be able to submit my runs?

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Since someone has recently experienced black screen effects taking place during the loading screens a new rule has been added. The game must be run in windowed mode unless the glide wrapper is used as this won't cause any black screen effects to take place during the game recording. Any blackscreens will lead to an immediate rejection. If you want to speedrun on fullscreen, please refer to Blazerflamewing's Guide in the guides' section.

As for the PreLoD category the target line -sndbkg may be skipped since Bucketandamop has discovered that it won't work on the game version 1.00. Moreover, the IGT won't work for this category and may be submitted with RTA only till we can figure out whether the livesplit extension by Wafu is patchable.

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