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Hey all,

I've been speedrunning Normal any% sc Druid for the past 2 weeks and getting really into it, so I decided to start branching out into new characters, trying out the Sorc.

Doing a practice run after reading the resources available, I picked up an Eagle Orb that gives:
+3 to Frost Nova
+2 to warmth
+20% light res
+10% FCR
Pretty nice find right? Too bad it wasn't a serious run since I am not used to Sorc at all!

Now my question to you all is, and this can apply to any other character or run: If you find an item that affects your skill levels, can you use that to your advantage to possibly speed up your run?

In the above example, I found that orb during a Tower run, and by the time I respec after killing Andariel I was level 14. Following the current guide, since I already have +3 to frost nova, I did not spend a skill point in it and therefor I have 2 skill points leftover (one to put in Teleport and one not spent on Frost Nova) And I was wondering the possibilities of that extra skill point would be (since we don't have any other weapon to get, and I figured spending an extra point on Frost Nova would be pointless). I can't put it in Nova since I'm always maxed out. I could possibly put it in Warmth (mana regen, might not be worth it, plus my item already gives +2), another Static Field (slightly more range, might not be worth it...), Frost Armor (less time spent casting it in the long run), or save it for another Teleport later on (saving some mana/time spent getting mana pots in the long run). I think the extra Teleport level might be the best option, but perhaps there are other ways to go about it

This is just food for thought, nothing to really rely on, but if you do come across these items it can really make you pause and think before you vendortrash it. At least for me anyways since this is all new to me. I think it can be beneficial if you already have an idea what to do when you find these items that can affect your skill route. Orbs/wands, druid/barb helms, paladin shields, etc

Anyone else have thoughts on this?


There is not a whole lot of things that would make me change any skillbuild at all... In almost all cases + skill items are just a boost for the already used skills. So in generall these items increase your speed automatically.

Sorc is prolly the only char that can benifit slightly from skills on items... But I believe thats always a decision in that moment.
(Having Frozen armor on swap etc. are possibilities)
In most cases you want to have 10 fcr on your weapon which lowers the chance of using anything with skills if you dont find a lucky orb.
If you find yourself in the situation that oyu have extra skillpoints on the sorc just put them into Static. Thats the only thing that will really help you.

Druid pelts are another example where it could change the build very slightly if you find one with + molten boulder before lvl 7.
This is very specific and will not happen very often.

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