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I enjoy this game but don't like the way any% is ran. I would run this game if it had a glitcheless any%. I would like this game to add a category like maybe even a no OOB or no major glitches.


There used to be one but it got removed for... reasons 😃
People here tend to think of it as a meme category
Looked something like this :


glitchless doesn't really work for doom, no amount of trying to find definitions could ever make a category everyone was satisfied with. 100% is essentially glitchless but with a well defined ruleset, so I'd check that out if I were you. there is also a no major glitches like category some people are trying out and there's nothing stopping you from doing runs outside of the leaderboard.

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Theres also an unofficial category were trying to get people to run so we can get it to be on the leaderboards called No Railboost/Glorykill Clipping (No RB/GK) It still has some skips but mixes in a lot of the traditional gameplay as well. You can check the video out here if you're interested

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