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Could we possibly add a two players one controller category ?A college friend and I would like to make this category and try it out! Thank you!! :3

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I would love to see how this works 😃
If you do it i could add it, i just want to see how you play through the game with 2 people.


Whilst I don't discourage you from running anything you want to, it gets a bit silly if we start adding stuff like this, even if it were placed under "Miscellaneous". It sets a precedent for other, dare I say, completely arbitrary or random category ideas anyone might come up with. What if I decide I want to do a run holding my controller upside down? Or by playing with my feet? Are we gonna add those categories as well?

You don't need a leaderboard on this website to do a speedrun of anything. It sounds like a fun idea so go ahead, but really it just has no place here.

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Any news for this new category ?