so the factor is +1.7% now or what exactly did you choose to define it?

i cannot change my thumbnail of the run unless i completely redo it with another image, but i think i might just leave that time there so that viewers don't get confused by the running timer within the video itself.
and also that unconverted time is still the actual real time after all...
so i guess it should be ok if i only mention it in a new video title and the description part.

other than that, thanks to all for the helpful discussions here
and i personally hope to see any new or old competitor to try to beat my run.
after taking the new conversion into account, we still didn't see a sub 18:30 run yet, so that is still up for grabs! go get it and claim your gold medal from me!
i wish you good RNG and much fun! (because i actually had a lot of fun with it, not kidding)

PS: you could even ask me for tipps for the run as long as my mind can still remember them 😃
just hit me up on discord or comment on my WR run and i will help you out.

(edited: )

Based on the video from the first post of this thread https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​cvta/​thread/​4uax7/​2#vapez and how KDL also did it based on the post above it by the content mod. Rules have been updated to reflect the changes.

I'm not here to tell you what to do with your thumbnail or title, you can do what you want really up to you. I've ran over 100 games, I don't bother making custom thumbnails with WR in them just so that I have to change it again when someone beats my times. Title is sufficient for me since it's easier to change.

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