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  Super ModKomrade

BizHawk v2.2.1 (Accepted)

PuNES v0.102 (Accepted)

Nestopia v1.40 (Accepted)

MyNes v2.3 (More testing needed)

FCEUX v2.2.2 (More testing needed)

FCEUX v2.1.4a (More testing needed)

Mesen v0.5.2 (More testing needed)

VirtualNES v0.9.7 (More testing needed)

JNES v1.0.2.15 (More testing needed)

JNES v1.2.1.40 (More testing needed)

Note: that list of accepted emulators for cv was based off of testing the first 10 seconds of the game, holding only right. The top three emulators I found to match console in frame count, the others were either faster or slower by 1 frame. I was using a Dazzle for console capture and honestly don't trust it too much, but it was only the first 10 seconds of the game, and the emulators known for accuracy held up against my NES.

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I had to research for Jnes and V1.0.2 is for mobile version only and not for window.
I may be wrong or maybe not giving me enough info about that version.

  Super ModKomrade

I think that's the version I was using on PC. Will double check when I get home.

  Super ModKomrade

I see now that this is an older version and/or the version for Android. Still was worth testing. It's also what I downloaded directly from a popular emulator site, so it made sense to test it. Will test JNES 1.2.1 now.

Edit: JNES added to the list.


I'd recommend adding Mesen to the emulator allowed list. It's by far the best NES emulator I've ever used. The lag is very minimal and is almost as good as real hardware. It also doesnt have any fancy features, like TASing or whatnot. I used Nestopia for over 10 years and when I was recommended to try Bizhawk and Mesen this year, they blew me away with how much more accurate they are. Bizhawk is now my #2 choice, but it also has advanced TASing and editing features. Mesen is easily my #1 as the lag is only a few milliseconds. I'd highly recommend anyone using an emulator to give it a try.

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  Super ModKomrade

I agree, I'll update the list tonight as well as add Mesen to the resources.

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Thanks Twin, will give Mesen a try!

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If for whatever reason you can't use Mesen and need to rely on Bizhawk, there is a setting under Config > Profiles --> Set it to "Tool-Assisted Speedruns". It just changes some settings around to optimize the emulator for more accuracy while playing. This uses more computing power but gives a better, smoother gameplay with less lag. If that doesn't work, play with the profiles and find what works for you.

Bizhawk with that profile selected is almost as lag-free as Mesen. I can notice just a split second more of a delay. Like, if Mesen is 0.04 lag, Bizhawk might be 0.08 lag time.