Castlevania Anniversary Collection
4 years ago

I just read your review on Steam and it was... entertaining xD

Still it's a shame to see that the collection ended up being subpar ;-; I REALLY wanted to give some support to my favorite franchise :(

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4 years ago

was only planning to use it for practice and not for actual runs for most of the games I have carts of, but nice to know


Is there any reason in particular that out of all the games in the collection only CV2 is elegible for run submissions in PS4? I think all of these games (CV1-4, Bloodlines, Kid Dracula, etc) should include the PS4 platform for submited runs too.

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Any/All, He/Him, She/Her, They/Them, It/Its
3 years ago

In the CV discord they are still waiting for a few more tests (most don't have time to do it) to make sure that all the games are on par with current emulated runs (and are not super faster/slower). that's one reason why the Japanese Famicom from collection is not allowed for CV1, as the hearts count down faster in that version, giving a leg up to anyone running on that version (over both other emu and real hardware). There's been lots of assumptions of CV3 being faster by a few frames per stage, and same with CV4's still being investigated from what I've seen.

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Worst case scenario, Anniversary collection runs could always be submitted as an emulator category since that's essentially what the Anniversary collection is. Glorified emulation on modern consoles.

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I'm planning to buy Castlevania Anniversary Collection on Steam. Are there any problems with this release? I heard some people complaining about sound issues or not precise emulation (though they did not explain in what way it was imprecise).

Another question I have is about the leaderboard. Is Castlevania Anniversary Collection treated normally on the leaderboard, like the other runs? To be more precise, is it allowed to submit runs played on PC's version of this Anniversary Collection that would eventually (after being verified) be on the same leaderboard with runs played on original NES version?

I saw three runs made on PC that made it to the leaderboard, but still I would like to ask about the status of Castlevania Anniversary Collection (at least its Steam version) in terms of submitting runs and hypothetical differences between its releases (Steam version vs. GOG version, in example).

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@Kochen - the Anniversary Collection NES version is allowed, but that version is a bad version of the ROM that will sometimes crash. If you want to submit for easy%, you can use the Famicom version, but that version isn't currently allowed on the any% leaderboards.

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The Anniversary Collection I downloaded for the PS4 crashes on me about 1 in ever 5 times on the 5 level . So now I just use my NES Classic . @2snek what platform do you play on ??

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Illinois, USA

From my understanding, the CV Anniversary Collection uses the PRG-0 version of the game, which will crash the game on sprite overlaps, which is why the PRG-1 is the preferred version to run the game with.

So the best way to run the game would be via console (preferable) and emulation...not the Anniversary Collection or the NES Classic (which is emulation as well).

Are there any differences between the ports though? PC vs Switch vs PS4?

If I am wrong, please correct me. I'm certainly not a CV expert :)

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Wisconsin, USA

@Bsquiggle - I play on NES with a cart. I don't know why Konami messed up so bad with PRG 0. I personally don't have any problems with allowing the Famicom rerelease for any%. I'll touch base with the other mods on the subject.

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