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I wanted to try a speedrun but with my Playstation One game, but sadly only for SNES and Wii is supported. Is there a logical reason? like the Ds version that has extra phases.



Well, the reasoning may be similar to why the glitchless categories have no leaderboards: no demand for them yet =)
Running CT on PSX or DS is a very different experience (some of the big time-saving tricks do not work). We don't wanna mislead anyone by suggesting it's comparable to SNES.


Would it be safe to say that a SNES Classic, hacked with hakchi to put more games on it, with a copy of Chrono Trigger be counted as an emulator? Or would it even be valid?


Yeah that's fine. Emu vs console distinction isn't a big deal on our board - and that's generally the case for SNES games. Technically WiiVC is an emulator, too (and not really a great one..)

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