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Hi everybody. We typically discuss leaderboard changes via Discord, so this thread is in the interest of keeping "major" changes transparent (and making sure all mods are up to speed). Here we can note the change and its effects.


New change: "Open leaderboard." All runners' submissions/edits will appear immediately on the board, with an "Unverified" tag until a mod sees it. As long as mods continue to respond regularly to notifications ( "New fullgame run in followed game"), false or erroneous submissions will be handled in a timely manner.

How it works:
The board has a "Status" variable (the only possible value is "Unverified"), and it's set as Required. Mods can remove the "Unverified" tag from each run via these steps:
1. Go to Edit Game (a separate tab works best)
2. Un-check "Required" on the variable (this action applies instantly)
3. Edit Run and re-Submit
4. Re-check "Required"!

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Ok, the "Unverified" tag (created 2018-08-16) has been changed to "New". This is an optional tag, and it signals "please review / check for accuracy."

The "New" tag is not required when making submissions, but is highly recommended! Thanks.