Any% No LSS in 2h 48m 43s by RedSlashRedSlash - 4th place

no major mistakes?? (don't watch the start).
shoutouts to Cronokirby menus. he could take this back easily

Played on Super Nintendo [USA] on

Submitted by RedSlashRedSlash on

Game doesn't require verification.


Name Duration Finished at
yack 15m 28s 365ms 15m 28s 365ms
DT 11m 57s 379ms 27m 25s 745ms
rick 18m 03s 666ms 45m 29s 411ms
heck 6m 32s 563ms 52m 01s 974ms
zomb 3m 13s 577ms 55m 15s 552ms
masa 5m 56s 072ms 1h 01m 11s 625ms
dino 14m 12s 525ms 1h 15m 24s 151ms
flea 15m 50s 967ms 1h 31m 15s 119ms
king 16m 15s 699ms 1h 47m 30s 818ms
BT 16m 00s 108ms 2h 03m 30s 927ms
SD 18m 41s 657ms 2h 22m 12s 585ms
EoT 6m 56s 520ms 2h 29m 09s 105ms
shell 16m 25s 780ms 2h 45m 34s 885ms
NoLSS 3m 08s 715ms 2h 48m 43s 600ms
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