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Is there any places where you could get Crysis version 1.1.5879? By the looks of it you can only get 1.6156 on steam. Is there not a way to just get a copy of all the files instead of having to buy the version at origin?


After replacing these files with my GOG install it says:

No disc inserted.
Please insert the original "Crysis(R)" CD/DVD.

Is there a way around this?


I just replaced all my steam files into the old version and those it asked for if i should replace them because of same name i just said no and it worked.


I copied my folder of crysis (steam) to my desktop, then I copied all the crysis (downloaded) files to the folder that I put on my desktop. Where it asked me to replace I selected: yes, where it said it could not find something I selected: skip.



I tryed both of ur method for downgrading. They doesnt work at all. I have the insert DVD error . I use GOG version. I dont know what i did wrong tho.


you probably just need to crack it. replace the existing .exe file with a cracked one. you can probably find it on torrent.


Here's a better version of the downgrade patch - https:/​/​www.​dropbox.​com/​s/​vot3529dw8l9qmi/​Crysis​%201.​1​%20Downgrade.​zip?dl=0

1. Paste the files in your steam/gog copy of the game
2. Launch game from the exe in the Bin32 folder
3. Go to the main menu and ensure the version number is
4. Enjoy circlejumping