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Forum: Mario Kart DS

Thread: Flashcard load times are faster than normal

Started by: Max28Max28

If we switch to IGT we can just keep the times with insufficient proof as RTA, which is fine because the load times of the RTA are automatically used as a penalty for not having proof.

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Forum: Mario Kart 7

Thread: rMT turncut


given that you're going directly over a massive invisible wall and skipping a pretty large portion of the track I assume almost everyone would agree it's a glitch

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Cool mechanic

Started by: iplaymario124iplaymario124

>literally changing ROM data

cool discovery

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Forum: Mario Kart DS

Thread: AGDQ 2019

Started by: KeverageKeverage

@JustinBailey it might've been a long time since you've played the game... DB vs Egg isn't really a thing anymore, to my knowledge all world records use egg, polt or bls, apart from a couple tracks which use LGS. Dry bomber is slow and despite being easy to PRB with, pros can just as easily do it with egg.

Edit: nevermind dry bomber is used on a few tracks where its handling is important. There's not much reason to use it in a fullgame run though.


Forum: Super Mario 64


Started by: Alaris_VillainAlaris_Villain

did you even read the first post in the thread?

anyway no


Forum: Mario Kart 7

Thread: Rules clarification

Started by: Bony_ThiccBony_Thicc

When you press OK

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Forum: Piano Tiles

Thread: Question about a possible new WR

Started by: GasterGaster

If you can't beat 6 seconds it's 100% physically impossible you got 0.1 seconds. Pretty sure your phone just lagged out REALLY hard in just the right place to get you that run.

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Forum: Cat Planet

Thread: Just went OOB in the overworld

Started by: cros107cros107

Underneath the last overworld room, isn't there a jungle room? I might be wrong but I thought I remember there being one.

Edit: Wait- I think I just fell along the seam of the last 2nd layer room. The room to the right might be empty.


Forum: Cat Planet

Thread: Just went OOB in the overworld

Started by: cros107cros107

I can't remember which room it was tbh, since the last time I got it was my last grind, 7 months ago (possibly even before that) and it might not have actually been jungle, just one of the underground cat village rooms on the way to jungle.

Edit: Now that I think about it, I think there's only one second-layer jungle room, that being the one directly under the final room in the overworld.


Forum: Doodle Jump

Thread: 30 000 Points No Object is nearly impossible

Started by: TaddaTadda

How are they broken? Double jump is just an upgrade that
1. Speeds up the game drastically, especially in high score runs
2. Rasises the skill ceiling a lot

I don't see any reason for the change from what the leaderboards used to be, but whatever.


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Uh, I found something so I'm just gonna post it here (BoB Gate clip)


not the right place to ask, but you clipped through the wall at the top and flew back downstairs I think


Forum: Mario Kart 7

Thread: Video

Started by: SMCianoSMCiano

I think cap cards are around $100 if you solder them yourself, but you gotta have experience. Anyway if you have a phone or webcam just point it at the screen.

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Forum: Doodle Jump

Thread: 30 000 Points No Object is nearly impossible

Started by: TaddaTadda

What? You can just use double jump to get past it. "One item" is stupid. Anyway even without double jump, you can jump to the side of it and get past it.

edit: wait why on earth is ninja mode a different category


Forum: Mario Kart 7

Thread: New Ultra Shortcut Found!!! (It's not in the WR)

Started by: PikaPlayerPikaPlayer

nice necro

anyway lol he claimed to have discovered it, named it after himself and then posted 3 times in a row.

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Forum: Doodle Jump

Thread: Discord?

Started by: HooplaFishHooplaFish

I mean, he was last online 4 days ago. I think it would be fine if you made one now and the mod just adds that one.


Forum: 2048

Thread: What is going on in this community?

Started by: SizzylSizzyl

The touch screen PC one did show a touch bubble, however it was before the run and not during. Not sure why the other runs were accepted, maybe they were done before the rulings were set in stone? There was quite a bit of discussion last month on the rules and it was a bit confusing to everyone.

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Forum: Tetris (Game Boy)

Thread: I have to ask the hard question - Why aren't runs being verified?

Started by: 215913

I know some mods like to watch the video on too, so they can easily retime if they need to.


Forum: Tetris (Game Boy)

Thread: ♥ level start

Started by: Oh_DeeROh_DeeR

I mean, some players can survive on tetrises past lvl 19. Tetrises are always optimal, singles barely score any points and are pretty slow.


Forum: Tetris (Game Boy)

Thread: Tetris 1.0?

Started by: TeknikistoTeknikisto

I'm pretty sure Nintendo is even against dumping your own ROMs, actually. But they would never pursue legal action for it.