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I noticed some game options which some could consider cheating were not mentioned in this game's full-game speedrunning rules, so i'm bringing them to attention here so we can discuss them:

In the "Gameplay" tab, under options, there are two noteworthy options; One toggles 1,5x faster game speed, and the other one disables perks in quests. Both could be used to gain significant amounts of time, but i think everyone here should be heard when it comes to deciding if these options are legal.

I propose that the enabling/disabling of perks at will should be allowed, because picking perks spends RL time while also giving players the chance to finish some levels faster. Enabling/disabling the option mid-run would also cost time. So i think knowing when to switch it would raise the skill cap in our full-game runs, and therefore i'm asking that we keep allowing it.

The other option, enabling 1.5x game speed, also allows for faste game completion, but can cause players to die on harder levels, so it's also a tradeoff. But for this one, i see why some players would not want it to be allowed. Either way is fine for me, but if people decide to ban toggling this option, i suggest that future runs have a new rule that forces them to show the option as untoggled before the game begins.

In case you are wondering, the 1.5x game speed option also speeds up the in-game clock, so it can't be used to gain an advantage on single-level runs.


I actually didn't even know about the 1.5x speed toggle, and since the new WR apparently uses it whereas I didn't I actually gave it a try and honestly outside of the obvious speed change it doesn't change the run that much.
Originally before trying I would have thought it would have been better as a separate category but honestly the difference in practice is very little (not referring to the time obviously but skill / route / strategy wise the run is the exact same but the skill ceiling is a bit higher)

As for the perks it's a bit different, it's not actually that apparent it would be faster in a real full run unless you heavily optimized your toggling of the option, a run without perks would be slower and much harder / luck dependent but still interesting to some degree.

I don't have any strong opinions on either thing, but everything being allowed is fine by me.

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