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Thread: Fake print !

Started by: AnutimAnutim

I agree with you rythin, there is clearly no way to fake a screenshot, so this run has to be 100% real. Other speedgames are just stupid wanting video of the run, that takes time and slows down your pc to record and upload. Fight the good fight agains this stupid people like tocaloni1 trying to oppress you! Cheers

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Forum: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Thread: stuck in learning any% zipless

Started by: spinyBspinyB

It says the clip is private so I cant watch it. So it is hard to tell why, not sure what toca talks about in the tutorial but I know you will always game over if you use rewind or die after you get zombie prince so that could be a reason. If you make the clip public I am sure you could get a better resonse 🙂


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Thread: PC Version

Started by: NeisNeis

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As long as it is on pc so you can run it in 60 fps it should be fine


Forum: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Thread: Starting with Prince of Persia SoT

Started by: LlamaRPLlamaRP

Well if you are learning any% I would look at the "begginers tutorial" by tocaloni1 in guides. it does showcase easy zips to start out with since you dont want to start trying to learn the zips used in WR since they are very hard in comparison.


Forum: ESA 2016

Thread: Second Round Cuts

Started by: flickyflicky


Its cool that Prince of Persia The Two Thrones has made the first 2 cuts and I hope that it will make the last one aswell 🙂 but since when I submited it some new strats has been found and my pb has become faster so my estamate could be lowered from the current 1:30 to 1:25

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Forum: Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Thread: Group Chat?

Started by: VynneveVynneve

Sent you an invite to the discord on twitch 🙂


Forum: Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Thread: Group Chat?

Started by: VynneveVynneve

For invite to the pop discord just ask any of the pop runner and I am sure they will help you out with that. And if you need help with anything regarding T2T feel free to ask there or just can ask me directly. I am glad to see somone else being intreseted in picking the game up and I will gladly help you out 🙂


Forum: Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Thread: Need PC version for zips?

Started by: VynneveVynneve

yea on console the best way to do the inputs would be to use the block since block is 2 actions. Just like Kotti said on console you are locked at 30 fps wich means all your zips will only go half the way so you would have to reroute all the zips in the game and some zips would be totaly not possible to do. You could run the game on console but it would not be nearly as fast as pc.


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hello! I am currently running most of the Prince of Persia series among other things and got a problem with one of the games Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. The supermod Bl has not been online for six mounths and the game has been set to Series moderators have power here "no" so no one besides him has supermod powers for the game. I would like to have mod status for the game since I am the only activ runner for both any% and All powers. Tocaloni1 the supermod for the prince of persia series wants to make me moderator but he has no power.